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January 21, 2011


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Excellent. Insect days sound much more fun. We love them here.

I like inset days, seemingly like yours, that are not stuck on to holidays and therefore common with other schools. I like getting out and about in the quiet. You know I'm not a people person ;-)


Hi Rosie,

Thanks for your comments re WordPress and my blog. I'm still trying to figure it all out. I must be mad to give up three and a half years of blogging on blogger.com but I wanted a change which, of course, is as good as a rest. Not.

I think I've been an expat for too long because I don't know what an inset day is!

Lorraine The Party Times

Made me chuckle! Sounds like a great idea to me and sure my 7 year old son would not need any encouragement to have an Insect Day!


We have an insect day coming up too :D


I like the idea of insect day. Maybe if they were keen you should have spent the day with a magnifying glass and gone insect spotting! Kids love bugs.


My son says insect day too! Hilarious!Luckily those days that crawl up on me (ho ho) don't affect me too much though I always wonder how working single mums manage (oh and it's said that spiders are really lucky and signify money!! I like them more these days on account of that!)


Ooo insect day... wonder if our house full of spiders have human days? (Sorry, very jet lagged today lol)

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