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December 04, 2010


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I've deleted my personal account but still have a bloggy one. The security settings have improved a lot now I think - I'm sure you can set it so only friends can see your pictures now.

It annoys me how much people put on there - someone I know updated their status to say they were waiting for an ambulance for their baby as she was unwell and I just think that she really should have had more important things on her mind at that point!

Rosie Scribble

I've seen a few status updates that should really have been kept private. LOL! I like the idea of a bloggy account, don't really feel the need for a personal one.

Mostly Yummy Mummy

I deleted my personal Facebook account some months ago for the very same reasons as you. I had 'protected' my details so that only my friends could see but I came across pictures of me and my daughter on Google Images - I was truly horrified! There are still huge privacy issues!
But, I have a Facebook account and 'like' page for my blog now under my Mostly Yummy alter ego! I saw so many other bloggy friends doing the same and like you say, so many competitions etc that we promote are over there on Facebook now. I don't put anything on there though that I wouldn't put on my blog. It's just for my blog.

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Mostly Yummy Mummy, I am thinking along the same lines as you. I'm considering the idea of a blog account but really don't want to risk a personal account after my experience last time. Clearly there are still privacy issues and again I'd be controlling the content by only putting what is already on my blog.

Nic's Notebook

I have a personal Facebook profile but am thinking of deleting it as I want to start one for my blog - but don't want a whole lot of random people that I used to know, reading my blog lol...! I hardly use it for personal use anyway, sometimes just to spy on what people are up to lol but I can live without that!!


Me neither! Nearly everyone I know is, so I too think I'm missing something. But I just don't have the time to update it and I'd rather be blogging!

Michelle Twin Mum

ohh interesting. I have a private account with people I know and have recently added a few bloggy friends(5 to be precise) but ones I feel I have got to know and will meet in RL. I am considering deleting a lot of the older photos and renaming stuff so my kids names are not on there and using it as my blog facebook and just keeping it simple. It is too much to maintain too many accounts I find.

Mich x


I think it's always been the case that you can set photos to be seen only by friends. It was only as things came to light that people became aware. That said, you do have to watch what they do as they are want to change things and suddenly, you find yourself open to the world not at your behest.

I have a personal account. It is mainly for keeping up with family (most of our nephews and nieces are young adults and think FB is cool) and friends who don't get twitter. It has its uses - we have groups for various things like our NCT branch and our school PTFA which makes it useful to communicate stuff easily to the right people.

I do have people on my FB who I have not met. Some of them I have actually known online for years - some of them maybe 5 or 6 or even more. Some are tweeters - some of them I know in real life now, some I don't. Do I use it? Not really. I prefer the immediacy and brevity of twitter over facebook - its simplicity can't be beaten. I keep an FB account for the reasons I stated. I can message people more easily on there than I can on twitter, but then I could just ask for someone's email address.

Really, I think it's a personal decision. I don't yet have an FB page for my blog. I may well do but I'm actually a bit reticent to promote my blog to friends and family even tho I say nothing about them.

If it works for you to have one, then have it. I wouldn't worry about missing out - we could all worry about what we're missing but in order to keep up with it all, there are just not enough hours in the day.

Mwa (Lost in Translation)

Yes. I think you are missing out. I should probably go all pros and cons, but I think you are. I actually "untag" myself in pictures and have all my privacy settings set to "friends only." Not even friends of friends. I've checked, and I'm not on Google, and not in pictures either.


I'm no longer on there either, have work accounts tho, I don't think you are missing out, it's just more time sat in front of a computer screen....xx


I only joined Facebook quite recently, mainly because I wanted to see photos friends had posted from a recent trip. I started off using my own name, but was a bit concerned about it so have now started a new profile using my blog name. It feels much safer and there is little in the way of personal information on there.

Now that I've sorted out a private profile I quite like using facebook - it's an extra dimension to the blogging world, just adds that little bit extra.

Rosie Scribble

Very valid point Linda as here I am at 8.45 on a Saturday sitting in front of a computer screen! Logging off ... xx

Pants With Names

I don't think your missing anything. But I'm also one of those dinosuars not on facebook so would say that!


It depends on what you use it for. I only use it sporadically for business but I know others use it for everything. I don't feel as comfortable using it as twitter. I feel somehow more exposed.


I use facebook a lot, and only have a personal account. I only connect with bloggers I know well, and it's not my priority, it's more to stay in touch with friends and family. However, I also use it for networking (business and blogging) now and partly because of this, have started to delete any pictures I have on it as they are too private (plus you lose copyright to images once they're on facebook, I really don't like that).

To me, facebook is more personal than blogging or twitter. But different platforms work for different people - I'm not big into twitter, I find that I spend too much time on it if I do it properly, and that I can't just jump in and out (which I can with blogging and facebook).

Muddling Along

You're not missing out - I'm only on there because its where I can find out what my Mummy friends are doing, otherwise there really isn't a great deal of reason for me to be on there

Amusingly it recently suggested I re-connect with Mr Muddling... hmmmmm


We have the same issues. I don't want a personal FB account but I do want a presence for my podcast and blog. I really don't know enough about FB and it's a steep learning curve for me.
I know the boys will be into social media, in their time as we're into it as parents. So I know I need to get to grips with it.

Luke Abbott


Facebook have done a lot to improve their security settings in the last 6 months. Things like groups and also allowing you to download a zip file of all the information facebook has on you, so you know whats there - its handy if you have been on it for years (more info http://blog.neworld.com/?p=463)

I only have a personal profile to keep in touch with friends. I try send all work/blog/business connections to Twitter or Linked In. I haven't set up a page for my blog yet, but I have included 'like' buttons and it is driving more traffic to my blog. Maybe in the next few months I'll get round to a page.

I blog mostly about Facebook/Social media so I have a load of tips on my blogs that might be of help to readers here;

www.mrlukeabbott.com (social media & marketing)
http://blog.neworld.com (my company blog all social media)


Life is short. Do you really have any extra hours to devote to Facebook?

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