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December 12, 2010


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Jennifer Howze

Hmmm, this looks strangely familiar...


Lol - I could have posted the exact same picture with either of my two.


Been there too - I'm also very familiar with the top and back of my girls' heads!


ah, you have found the child mute button!!! :)


hope yours as a yummy as ours was! mine aren't into games yet...


Such concentration! Was she able to be persuaded to eat?


At least it stops my two bickering at each other - that's my excuse (and when they've gone to bed I play too....)

Rosie Scribble

It was confiscated during the meal. Seemed the best option!


I am so glad my kids have sort of ignored their DS' for a couple months. We just have WII problems now.

Susan Mann

Ahh yes, we are not quite at that stage yet. They have one but not the attention spam for it yet. I'm sure it won't be long coming. Great picture of IJ though. x

Victoria Foord

Familiar scene here too. Sometimes very welcome though!!

Him Up North

Yup, been there, bought the T-shirt. My boys are past that now. They much rather play consoles instead. LOL.

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