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November 11, 2010


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Hahaha WELL I could do with a new fridge freezer since mine has just imploded and with a family of six, that's kind of a big deal!

Lucky you, Rosie! Hubby is still gently persuading me to let him buy a flatscreen TV never mind an HD-ready one, not sure how he's going to react to the "we need a new fridge freezer" news haha!

Preseli Mags

How lovely! Lucky you - you'll need a blu-ray player to go with that now ;-)

As for me I'd love a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand over my ailing fridge freezer.

Just sayin.


Wow lucky you. I'm perfectly happy and have everything I need in life. Pah, yeah right ;-)

New Mummy

Wow!! I could do with a new washing machine, our is on its last legs.

21st Century Mummy

Erm, let me think what I need....definitely a small TV for our bedroom, washing machine, dishwasher, kettle...just kidding.

That's so nice of them.

Karin @ Cafe Bebe

Oh dear, do you know what? We have about a 15 year old telly that just might make it when the country goes digital but then again??

And do you know what else?? I have to do dishes in my house BY HAND! We don't have a dishwasher! And it's 2010! It's not normal! I would be such a better housewife if I had that!

Love you! :)


That was lovely of them. Really it was. I was amazed by Josie's post too. I suspect there will be a lot of wishful thinking around the blogosphere now :-)

I am after a new laptop or netbook if the appliance fairies are flying overhead though... my 3 year old laptop is on its last legs and I'm dreading it collapsing on me mid-assignment on my Open University Course.

Claire 20somethingmum

Well, I would like an IPad, and Iphone and a new TV thanks!
Gotta love blogging (and Twitter)

Sylvie Foxworthy

Well what a fabulous surprise!
With 4 children & a tiny dying fridge freezer Im so hoping to be lucky. I'll even make a donation to Children in Need if I'm successful! xx


Are you serious? They sent you a brand new telly!!!!
Well the one thing we are desperate for is a new cooker. Our is about 20 years old now and all the knobs have fallen off so we have to use pliers to turn anything on. We are dreading having to cook christmas dinner with it and may actually not even cook xmas dinner with it as it's that bad. With xmas coming up and having 2 children there is no way we can afford a new one before the new year so if anyone is listening I would LOVE a new cooker. Oh and I can provide proof if needed(photos of our cooker) but please dont show the world our poor poor cooker lol


My washing machine has been broken for two months. All our washing is going to my mother in laws so for her sanity, we need a new washing machine as soon as possible :-)


Im desperate for a tumble drier. Just saying lol. X


Yee Haa! I wonder if they'll take a fancy to me as I am your actual blogging sista..

I lust lust lust after an iPhone.

Simple as that, my current phone is ok but not so fancy and I am jealous of my husbands one. He doesn't have half the friends I do, doesn't use Twitter or FB, doesn't blog so it's wasted on him.


Mrs M

Ha interesting....I could do with a Fairy Godmother right now.


So reading my tripe has finally paid off eh? ;-)

Nice one Scribble.

Julie - Kailexness

I need a new brain, there's not a lot of hope for me I'm afraid although I did ponder this morning about a teasmaid making my life a little brighter *chuckles*


Oh wow, that's awesome! I don't actually need anything appliance-y at the moment, so I won't be my usual cheeky self and ask... if they do iPod touches though, then i'd be interested for Max! With his autism it really does help him to have something purely visual to help tell me what he wants, and I'd like to be able to use my own iphone occasionally! >_<


Wow how lovely of them! Bet your glad u commented! Our house is pretty much set as I scrimp all year and buy one appliance every new year. Last year a new tv which I may mange to eventually get on a wall. Lol. First we have to remove a radiator so going to install a electric fire so we don't freeze to death! Lol so the only thingbi really wish upon a star for is a nice wall mounted electric fire to keep me warm, oh and then a tumble drier to dry my washing in since my biggest radiator will be going! That may be my new year purchase this year! ( don't know if that'll excited hubby as much as a telly did lol) enjoy your tv! Nothing nicer than newwwww! :) xx


Nice one! Our TV broke, sadly its another second hand freecycle jobby for us. I've never owned a brand new TV in my life. As I'm sure you know, thats the single parent life for you often.

Roxanne Clements

What a lovely thing for a company to do. That is certainly some freebie!

On the subject of TVs, mine has a horrid habit of turning itself up to full volume without me touching the remote and I have to unplug it and plug it back in to stop it from doing it :o( We've only had it for just over a year as well, a shop floor ex-demo. So gutted! And not good any time after ten at night x


That is brilliant! I can't believe there is people out there actually doing this! Im in desperate need for a tumble dryer, Trying to dry 5 children's clothes on radiators is no party.

Whimsical Wife

That's such a lovely thing to happen!! Very pleased for you :-))) Do Appliances Online do *house organisation & thorough spring cleaning* ????


I have just four little words for you, Fairy Godmother...KitchenAid artisan stand mixer. *swoon*


Well, where to start? We have had a rash of electrical things go wrong. First, the battery went on our house alarm system. Then, worst of all (when you live in wet and windy Lancashire and have children) my tumble dryer stopped working. The very next day, my rice cooker packed up, but that was under guarantee so has been replaced. And of course, the dryer breaks during a wet and windy November when I need it most.


I'm gutted, I have no needs at all! But what an amazing thing for them to do - I love the whole 'fairy godmother' concept... I hope they get some business out of this generosity!


Howdy. Greedy for a functioning telly here, too. But if they're all telly'd pit a washing machine with a door that shuts would be FANTASTIC!! Many thanks


Oooh, do you think they would take pity on a single parent with a spluttering dishwasher?

*smiles at Appliance Online people* :-)

foodie mummy

Whoa that's nice! Our coffee maker has been broken since Sunday and I'm in serious need of a caffeine hit!


The appliance fairies only choose the most lovely people to visit - that's a fact....

I have a new oven on my Christmas list - I've existed solely on a top oven for the last year, somehow managing to keep feed my three children *sob* ;)



See the Universe is working for you again, giving you what you need. Now if the iniverse would only realise that I need a new fridge, as Mini has bust ours!

Mediocre Mum

Well done you! You deserve it! I'd give my right arm for a tumble dryer. I'm so sick of my house looking like a laundrette!




It's amazing some of the things you can get out of blogging and leaving comments. Very nice of them to send it to you, enjoy, well deserved. Touch wood all my appliances seem to be in good working order but would love a tumble dryer because like Mediocre Mum, my house is bursting with clothes and no sunshine to dry them.


Wow! That is utterly incredible Scribbles. I'm glad Appliances Online chose you :)

I would obviously love a shiny new oven, but I'm not the most needy on here I don't think :)

Emily O

Well I need a fridge freezer because we inherited ours from my Mum and it's 13 years old and leaks then the baby crawls in the puddle and gets her clothes wet *sad violin song*


Wow, that is amazing!

My fairy godmother is currently on a retreat at some exotic tropical location so fortunately we are fine for the moment :-D!

But well done to Appliances Online! What a fabulous gesture!


What a lovely thing to do. While I have no needs for myself, I do know a family who have recently moved into a rented house, not sure if they are lacking anything, will have to ask them.

wendy @savvymum4

Wow what a lovely thing to do well done Appliances online what a great company

Tasha (Coding Mamma)

Well, gosh. As I said on Josie's post, I adore Appliances Online already - they're fantastic, and even more so for given out stuff to deserving bloggers (as you three all really deserve something!).

Not sure that we do, but we are looking for a new cooker, as ours is dying a death - thermostat on oven completely kaput, so we can cook things that need to cook really hot or for just 15 minutes or so, but nothing else.

We're also considering getting a new TV for the living room, possibly. There's a blog post to write about the whole no TV in the living room experiment and it may be that we should stick with it, in fact.

Anyway, congratulations on a fantastic gift.


Fantastic! Wonder if your appliance fairy needs air miles as my washing machine sounds as though it's going to take off during it's spin cycle!

Laura LittleStuff

Wow - clever old Appliances Online, eh? Smart smart people who actually UNDERSTAND how marketing through social media works.

Now, if only they had a tumble drier big enough to match the mahoosively brilliant washing machine we reviewed for LG... ;)

Selina Kingston

Wow! A real life fairy godmother...just in time for Christmas too. Lucky, lucky you !!

yours truly

well I'm of the opinion (due to my luck..or lack thereof) that it will be pointless me doing this....but there still remains a little hope I guess. In the past 4 months I've been homeless, got a house, nothing to put in it....got some things to put in it and so far nearlly all the electrical items have died and have had to be replaced with new (cheap second hand) ones which themselves are starting to act up. Latest one is the cooker which is the second I've had in 4 months :( So....what I really need is 1) A cooker that is going to be reliable and 2) some luck....please?


Emma @ Notsuchayummymummy

Jealous! And I was happy when I got a free pizza... I am not aiming high enough!

If any fairy godmothers are out there I am desperate need of a dryer! I'm actually happy when it goes cold because I can have the heating on & dry all our clothes on the radiator!

I think I'll give cosmic ordering a go. If Noel Edmonds can get a TV show show then surely I can get a dryer?

Michelle Twin Mum

Gosh how I wish I had seen this at the time Rosie! I am really pleased you got a new TV, that is excellent.

One day I dream of our kitchen being overhauled but in the meantime i will have to consol myself with cooker hunter when the Jan sales arrive..

Mich x

Rosie Scribble

Why not go over and take a look at Not Supermum's post today. You may not be too late! Here's the link:


Steve Hart

Fabulous thing for a company to do. well done. My wife could really do with a note book or laptop as she is going through chemotherapy for breast cancer and it would help if she could contact her friends while not too well.

Robyn Clarke

I think its great that a company like that does such a great thing! They obviously believe in Karma. Well I'd love a more energy efficient washing machine, saving up every penny. Twitter:robynlclarke

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