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November 08, 2010


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My name is Jen and I dont write a blog, well my bro knows and the outlaws (as you know), but my mum doesnt yet!


Some of my family know I write a blog but don't know what it's called, thank god. I've told a couple of friends about it recently and they have read it, but I'm very private about it too. It's weird actually writing a personal blog in a public forum but not telling the people you are closest to. It's much easier to share my most private thoughts anonymously than to talk to people around me about them.

p.s. I know Jackie, she doesn't look 58 though.

Michelle Twin Mum

My Mum reads my blog and loads of RL friends do and I do often feel very exposed now! Whoops

Mich x

Muddling Along

One of the slightly strange things when I had my meltdown last month was the number of real life people who came out of the woodwork and admitted they were reading the blog - fortunately not my parents but yes, its not me really, I outsource to a bloke called Kevin

Baby Genie

Am really chuffed that I inspired you, it's made my crummy evening a lot smilier!

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