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October 19, 2010


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I am sorry that you are scared, but I do think that you are right to be at time. Some people have nothing better to do than attack peoples opinions from behind a screen. Take care and I am thinking of you

Emily O

Sorry to hear you've been through this Rosie, I've also had a similar experience and often I question why I bother to blog because life is hard going enough at the moment. It's sad you feel scared, I hope you manage to overcome that and carry on blogging (and I hope this comment works as past few times I've tried to comment it hasn't worked!) xx


That's a horrible way to feel. I'm so sorry my love.

maggy, red ted art

:-( oh, what a shame that happened. I don't know exactly what happened or what it was about, but must be a horrible horrible feeling to be personally attacked. :-( not good at all. Poor you.

But, as you say, it does serve as a reminder of the fact hat the internt is indeed "open to all" and that there are some funny crazy people out there.

Hope it doesn't happen again and that you continue to enjoy blogging (and talking to us nice people!)



I'm really sorry you had this experience hon, you of all people really don't deserve it. I completely know where you're coming from though. I get scared about how much of what we say without thinking clearly remains, and how easy it can be to cause offence - even unwittingly, and then there's the people who enjoy stoking up a storm, and use the barrier of the screen to write completely unacceptable things that they'd never have the gall to say in RL.

Keep your moderation on until you feel comfortable, or forever if that's what you need to do. xxx

Maggie Christie

Interesting post and I'm sorry to read it. I re-read your vitamins post and I cannot see why anyone would have felt it necessary to hurl abuse at you. When I worked as a reporter I was verbally abused on many occasions - on the phone, to my face and, on one memorable occasion, death threat by fax. The latter was because I got somebody's name wrong. It was always something trivial. Some people seem to think they can scream abuse at a journalist; perhaps bloggers are now regarded in that same light? Don't let it get you down and don't let it censor what you write. The rest of us think you are lovely.

Ellen A

Thought-provoking post, Rosie. What a depressing place it is when we can be scared to blog freely.
I used to think that online was as safe as real life because - whatever the medium - people were people. What bothers me is that there are people 'out there' who get kicks from unleashing vitriol. Why on earth would you want to?
Anyhow, please have courage and carry on. x


This is the negative side of blogging and I deplore anyone who hides behind a pseudonym and throws abusive comments at other people's opinions. Opening debate is one thing but offering negative viewpoints with no reference or back-up is another. We should learn and move forward, respecting other's ideas and ways of living.

Selina Kingston

I'm sorry that you are feeling this way. I don't know why people feel the need to be so negative and unnecessarily abusive. I have had some nasty comments where people have felt the need to condemn me and the things I have done. I accepted it as part and parcel of writing so openly about my life and those comments were outweighed by the love, compassion and understanding out there - you know, from peole like you !! I don't know what the answer is, but I for one would be very sad to see your blog change, or stop.


So sorry to hear this has happened to you - you should not be made to feel this way. I guess there are weirdoes in all walks of life - sadly it seems the benefits of modern technology also come with downsides. Hope you can find courage from the supportive comments you have had, and boo to the trolls!

Deer baby

Really sorry to read about this Rosie. Please don't be intimidated. These people are cowards, hiding behind the cloak of anonymity to spew their nastiness. You are wise to be cautious but it would be such a shame if you let it stop you.

Working Mum

Didn't we used to call these cowards something, was it "trolls"? I've had a few in my time, mainly of the "who do you think you are?" variety attacking me for being well off/middle class/mother of only one child/working mum, etc, but I try not to let it get to me. These are the people that wouldn't befriend me in real life, so why would they choose to read my blog?

I read your article on children's vitamins and it does seem to come from a good place of wanting your daughter to have a balanced diet. I've never had to think about it because my daughter is a "good eater", so I don't feel the need to supplement her diet.

Now, if you were advocating chocolate breakfast cereals that would be a whole other ball game! :)

jay (@cosmicgirlie)

I can't even comprehend someone bullying you, of all people, in the blogosphere OR real life. And I'm sorry that it has come to this. It appals me and makes me so sad for you.

I fully agree with Nickie, but would extend to say that anyone, ANYONE who thinks they can offer up negative comments, anonymous or not, without even so much as a hint as to why they're doing it, makes me desperately sad.

I could rant, (I think I just did!) but this is your personal space. And if we need to, we as your friends will do what we can to make sure it stays that way. Much love, Rosie.



You articulate issues so well Rosie, not least this one. I totally understand what you are saying, utterly. In the past I have felt exactly how you are feeling. Fortunately, I don't have a popular blog, hardly read and rarely commented upon. I'm left in peace to write what I want to. Not so long ago though, I wrote something for the Guardian website. Blimey! Attacking me and not the issues I raised! Downright cruel some of the comments. On my blog I can moderate and so can you on yours. Delete those who have nothing better to do but project their own bile onto you and continue to be yourself for those of us who value what you have to say. Thank you for this post x

English Mum

Hey Rosie. This is a brave post. And I think you're right, often people hide behind the internet to say things that they would never say to a stranger's face (let alone someone they knew). I agree with the others - keep up your moderation, keep blogging, and remember that whoever attacked your blog didn't attack YOU. He doesn't know and love you like we do :) xx

The Contented? Maybe

Just discovered your blog and really like your style of writing. Sorry to hear comments have not been entirely positive, but looking at the responses here, I'm guessing your usual experience of feedback is, quite rightly, supportive and enthusiastic. While it's good to be mindful that blogging is indeed public, you should definitely keep writing and, when those doubts surface, read through the encouraging comments your friends and fans have posted. They're the ones that count.


I'm so sorry to hear someone attacked you for your blog - I cannot imagine why. I hate Anonymous comments, and have on occasion switched them off for several weeks after getting an even vaguely nasty comment. You can always delete comments as well. But it is a horrible feeling. x

Hot Cross Mum

Rosie - I didn't know you'd had such an awful experience but can totally understand your apprehension after something like that. I've had similar thoughts - and haven't had your experience. x


Last year I had a similar experience, I dont know about yours but mine scared me so much I locked down my blog and moved it. After the dust had settled I changed my mind and uploaded it all again, i mucked up two years worth of indexing in the process. In a way the troll won. However, we did find out where they lived from their IP etc address (it was consistent) and posted a photograph from google maps of their estate on the blog with a warning (I was advised to do this). They didn't comment again. However, I still moderate all my comments and am careful about information. In recent months i've been a bit more lax, this has reminded me to tighten up a bit again. There are some horrible people out there...


I'm so sorry you have been upset like this, you certainly don't deserve it. Don't let the buggers get to you though, keep on blogging x

Fran Armour

What a horrid thing to happen. I've been the victim of social networking bullying and it's horrible.

I've also mentioned you in my most recent post.


Chin up and keep up the excellent work. xx

Pants With Names

I'm so sorry to hear that you've had to endure something like this. It seems so silly that people feel they can't express a friendly difference of opinion without becoming nasty and intimidating. It would be a terrible shame if people felt they couldn't blog about contentious things capable of generating some really interesting debate because they were scared of being personally attacked. Big hugs Rosie, you sound like you need it. xxxx


Some people have nothing better to do than cause upset for others. It's your blog and you're entitled to your opinion. If someone doesn't like it then they don't have to visit. Please don't let it put you off.


I can't see how anyone could have been offended by your vitamins post.

How sad that you braved flying on a malfunctioning plane, and all the potential dangers to health and safety in Africa, only to be scared by someone stupid in the comments box on a post about something so innocuous. I'm sorry.


Yes always moderate comments and yes you do have to be careful. You never know who is watching and what they can learn about you from your blog.


It is a salutory lesson for us all. I haven't had abusive comments made but have been let down. It made me realise that I have to be less trusting of my 'friends'who are after all in the virtual world.


Just read that - and all your comments and your post in response.

It really is low that people feel they can say what they like just because they can't see you.

You're right to remind yourself (everyone) about the public nature of blogging. Sometimes I wonder why I don't just buy a notebook to keep by my bed instead because I'm bizarrely really worried about people reading my thoughts online. Even though I also really like the fact that (some) people do read them. Contradictory, huh?

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