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October 04, 2010


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What a tragic story.
I'm so glad you are highlighting this; I know we all have tetanus jabs but am ashamed to admit I did not know exactly what the disease would do.


Do you know what, I see that logo every time I buy Pampers but I've never really got what it does, or means. Well, I've never made the time to understand, that's really what I mean. Such a sad example of how lucky we are and how we take things for granted. I love this photo, such pride.

Sally Whittle

Such a moving post, Rosie, thanks for sharing it. I've been reading a lot about Unicef and Tetanus over the past couple of days, which I wouldn't have done had it not been for you, so thanks for that.


the thought iif a poor baby going through that makes me well up, i'm very proud to be part of this effort to get rid of tetanus and help more babies and mothers survive

Jo Beaufoix

Oh Rosie this one got me. So so sad.

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