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October 22, 2010


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Fran Armour

Shameless plug time. I've entered my daughter in the competition and would appreciate some votes.

You can vote for Miss B here:


Much love. x


Plug number 2!
My daughter has always been complimented on her looks from the day she was born. After a recent trip abroad where she was again the centre of attention at the resport, i thought i'd better do something about it.

Please take a look and vote for her if you agree she is stunning!


adele smith

i have up loaded my son to!
do take look and if you think his smile worth winning next comp please feel free to vote x


Thank you all who have voted, but cute little Bradley (see his picture) needs you kind people to cast a vote for him please - http://apps.facebook.com/baby_modelcomp/entry/123975

And our other entry is little baby Pharell, can he have your vote please? http://apps.facebook.com/baby_modelcomp/entry/125125

Thank you, we will return the favour :)


please vote for click on this link to vote for brooke into the next baby boutique competition http://apps.facebook.com/baby_modelcomp/entry/825http://nextbabycomp2010baby Brooke


Please vote for Joshua Thanks http://nextbabycomp2010.psycle.com/index.php/entry/72635


To be honest, we all know that it's not about looks or personality, but who knows the most people who will vote for your baby!
I don't need a "baby of the year" contest to tell me I have a beuatifull son... but if I want a free photoshoot of my baby by professionals... then I need to enter it and be under the 1st 12!
I don't know a lot of people to cote for him... that's why i'm here asking for some votes and will appreciate each one of them!

Alice E.M. Secka

kindly need your vote for my cute granddaughter. She is all that is needed for a snap. Imagine her in a pink baby outfit which pull other mothers to copy and demand will be on peak for chosen boutique. She is all nature.

Thank you for your votes


My niece Ciara has always been adored by everyone who looks at her for her big brown eyes and gummy grin she is the most happy go lucky little girl in the world and is always smiling please vote for my gorgeous little princess here: http://nextbabycomp2010.psycle.com/index.php/entry/613635

Thanks for voting


Please vote for Jonah our gorgeous little boy... only four months old and worth a look if only for the cute-factor! Many thanks. http://nextbabycomp2010.psycle.com/index.php/entry/772385


Can you please vote for my lovely little son harley ♥ in the next baby competion just click on the link it only takes 30secs... thank you ♥... every vote counts so please do vote .. xxx http://apps.facebook.com/baby_modelcomp/entry/465735 THANK YOU! ♥ xxx Hes doing so well so far and with two weeks left he needs to maintain his spot so have a little look at his pic and if you think hes as lovely as we do then please give him your vote, THANK YOU xxx :) x


And another my mini brad pitt

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