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October 17, 2010


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A great review and not faking it at all! :)

I'm a strict vegetarian and give places like Beefeater a very wide birth as I always assume that they won't cater properly for me and also, I'm afraid, that the food will be rather horrible!

May have to give our local one a try at some point, although as my father in law always seems to take my husband there when he has any bad news to impart, we may have to go further afield! ;)

Rosie Scribble

I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn't been to a Beefeater in years for the same reasons as yours. Their vegetarian menu was actually better than many restaurants I've been too that don't have the name beef in the title!

Whimsical Wife

Rosie, being a restaurant critic would be my favourite job in the whole world!

del smith

Nice to find another Sheffield Mum blogger, I found you on Twitter! it's killing me learning all this new stuff since my mind started to atrophy this year due to excessive age and kids. I love the blog, and I will certainly be checking out that place the portions look huge! I will put a link through from my blog www.gossipmum.com to yours if that is cool?????

Rosie Scribble

It would be good wouldn't it? But imagine if the food was awful!

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Del, a link would be lovely. Thanks for your kind comment. I'm in Nottinghamshire so not too far from you :)

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