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September 15, 2010


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What a fab photo - makes me want to light a fire right now and just snuggle up inside all day :)

Peggy @ Perfectly Happy Mum

I agree with Dawn, it makes you want to stay cosy by the fire place with delicious hot chocolate :)

Jenny paulin

So cute! As the other ladies have said, makes me want to curl up in front of a cosy fire and drink hot chocolate!!


Bless her! such concentration!


How long did she keep trying for?
I'm sooo getting a hat like that for Finland!


She looks very determined! Gorgeous picture!

Selina Kingston

Ah how cute! I'm kind of wishing for snow again this year .....


Gorgeous pick! And snow at Christmas is well worth celebrating!

If I Could Escape

Ooooh, tis snow in that there photo. Christmas. Squeeeeeeee! Can't wait.

PS On account of that photograph being so adorable, I'll forgive you being first in the link up again! =)

Rosie Scribble

Ha! It takes skill and dedication to be first in the link up each week ;)


Awww, I wonder how long that would have taken? :D

Nic's Notebook

Oooh I remember the snow! Such a cute photo :)


So sweet, all that snow seems so long ago now x

Gone Bananas

Awww she's adorable! :-)

Rachael (Tales from the Village)

Oh, heavenly - gorgeous snow and that little concentrating face. I love it!

Mirka Moore

Lovely photo, it reminds me the winter will be here in no time...yeah time for skiing ;)

Suzie Grogan

Lovely photo - I posted about Christmas yesterday and got a few bah humbug responses. This has given me a bit more cheer!


I agree! Love it.

A Modern Mother

Oh you've just reminded me how much I love the snow.

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