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September 18, 2010


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Magic Mummy

Oooh we're dying to try one of these. I remember having one when I was young and I loved it.

Looks like you had loads of fun together as well.


This takes me back to being a child again. My neighbours had one (we didn't) and it was such a treat to go round to make fizz at home. Looks like a great way to spend the afternoon.


Oh how I wish we still had our Soda Stream - my parents bought one for when we went away in the caravan (back in the 80's) and we always went to the local home brew shop to choose flavours.

You're right - the price for this model is steep. I may have to wait until the price drops a bit.


I am now firmly convinced that we need a new one, specially since I was told you can buy the cream soda flavor on Amazon :-)!
We used our old one all the time but we left it in South Africa when we moved to the UK.

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