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September 14, 2010


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Sounds great, will buy for Top Ender for Christmas!


Sounds good, although I'm a little sceptical to say the least about girls improving their self esteem with yet more girly pink princess imagery. Seems to be a massive contradiction there!

Rosie Scribble

Kirsty, that's a very very good point indeed. I hadn't thought of that. I agree with you. Pink princess imagery is not the best choice.

marneta Viegas

Hi Kirsty and Rosie - It is a really interesting point. When I wrote the meditations and had the CD designed, I wanted to make something that it was beautiful and appealed to little girls and their mums. I was a children's entertainer and most parties I went to, little girls dressed up in pink princess dresses. I guess the pink princess CD is an introduction to relaxation for children - using what they know - fairystories. I do agree with you that there may be a contradiction.

In my book Aladdins Magic Carpet, I have turned all the fairystories into meditations and in the forward I mention that it is good for girls and boys to enjoy a mixtures of boy and girl themed meditations so they get a balance between the feminine qualities and masculine qualities as both are important in our development.

The princess CD was one of my first (almost 10 years old) and I would be sad to let it go as it is still such a best seller and little girls love it. The other ones are more generic.

I hope that helps a bit - thanks for your comments though.

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