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September 16, 2010


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Maggie Christie

For one brief mad moment, until the phrase 'one mass celebration of learning' I thought you were serious about that bus trip. I love that conversation between Jet and Lag. So funny.

Dawn Isaac

Stephen Hawking meets Doctor Who.

Love it.


I know, I was about to feel deeply depressed at Happy Clappy Shiny so thank god for the lying.
What's worse is that poor Jet will be 27 when he gets back; well, 27 and a few sleeps, and be rather too old for the bus.


this is very funny, well children are very funny


Thank God I carried on reading till the end rather than slinking off to mull over my failings as a mother :-).

Brilliant dialogue too!

I confess I love listening to other peoples conversations; it's okay till my husband elbows me and tells me to stop being so obvious about it!

Rosie Scribble

Thank goodness you read on!
I was even worse because I actually got a notebook out and recorded their conversation!

Rosie Scribble

Maggie, I can report that the conversations I hear on the school bus are anything but 'one mass celebration of learning' !!

Whimsical Wife

Oh I love listening in to little people conversations - full of wonder!


You had me going, too. And then that priceless conversation.
This post is two for the price of one. Great stuff!


Another great chuckle Rosie. Sad though that you couldn't get community singing going on the bus!

Metropolitan Mum

Hilarious. xx

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