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August 27, 2010


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I love this post. I felt emotional when I read it. It's like the strands of your life tying together in a blog post, because of course in being a blogger, you are a writer.

Rosie Scribble

Oh thank you, Iota. What an absolutely lovely comment. x

Michelle Twin Mum

I love the picture. It is fab that despite your illness you still managed to achieve much fo what you hoped to and like you say there is still a ton of time for the kids books.

I wanted to be a chef as that is what my Grandad was and we used to cook together. I did do my qualifications and in hotel management and went into that for a while and then digressed. I am happy with the route I took though.

Mich x

Him Up North

Thanks for taking up Karen's challenge from my original meme. Puts looking in the mirror in a whole new context. Great and brave post.

If I Could Escape

What a great post. Loved reading it and learning more about you. And, that's not a dodgey photo of you at all.

I kind of got myself stuck in a bit of a rut of writing for doctors/healthcare, but it's what I seem to do well.


Very inspiring post, Rosie. That's the problem with writing - life can get in the way. It's great that you continued even while ill. Whenever I think of how hard it is to write, I'm always reminded of Lauren Hillenbrand, who wrote her fantastic book about Seabiscuit while bedbound and exhausted with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Brit In Bosnia

Love this post, but it looks like all the different strands do come together, in a way you could never predict. xx

Victoria Foord

Thanks for telling us about your dreams and aspirations. Your blog writing is great and read by many so I do hope you feel you are a writer now. Good luck with all the future books you have stored up.

Whimsical Wife

What a very lovely post - the anorexia made me feel sad though :(

Rosie Scribble

Thank you, Wendy. I'm absolutely fine now :)

Peter Stockwell

You look good now. Do get back to writing children's novels. I am sure your experences would help and inspire.

Rosie Scribble

Thank you, Peter. And how lovely that a published author has commented on my post about writing. That's given me a much-needed boost!


There IS plenty of time yet. Go girl!


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