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August 31, 2010


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It's grim isn't it?! It's a very fine line between guilt and pleasure this malarky. Enjoy the time with IJ, nothing worse than staring eyes and that 'Muuuuuum, when will you be finished?..........' x

Naomi Richards

I would like to know how to use google reader but am worried for this purpose. I jsut wait to see who is twittering about their blog and then go visit like NOW.

Whimsical Wife

I don't do google reader - I subscribe to about 10 blogs on email which I read as they drop in my inbox. And I read daily usually the blog posts of the people on my blog roll - If someone tweets a link with a post I like the sound of I'll nip over and read it as they tweet it.

Selina Kingston

I think that's fair enough - blogland can wait

If I Could Escape

Yeah, my greader has built up and I'm very quickly trying to go through it.

If I Could Escape

And, have now cleared you from it! Hehe!

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