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August 26, 2010


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I love that she thought the cuddles would get her a sister! So cute!

New Mummy

Lol bless her! My god-daughter wanted a new sister so when BG was born we told her she could be her big sister

Pants With Names

Point out she could get a brother. And if that doesn't put her off I'll send my boys over in a mood like they were in today and that certainly will! x

Michelle Twin Mum

Oh bless that it very cute! Mich x


Oh dear! Now this is going to be a tricky one (unless you go to the 'new sister shop') I'm going to enjoy the posts about this one because knowing IJ she won't leave it there!!


A pet, that's what we did :) A puppy fills the role nicely - good luck!


LOL oh dear!! Bless her lil heart thinking that cuddles was how to get a baby. :)


Oh. I don't know whether to laugh or cry that she was cuddling you to get a sister!

Glummy Mummy

How cute! Although, I'm pretty sure when/if she does get a sibling, she'll probably wish she didn't! x


Very funny! My daughter is adamant that the baby in my tummy will be a girl and her sister. All my telling her it may also be a boy is no good. I'm not sure if to wish that it's a girl so as to not disappoint her or that it's a boy to see her reaction...

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