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August 29, 2010


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Naomi Richards

Lucky you - enjoy your evening.

Whimsical Wife

I think all those things about my mum too (and probably a few more) and then immediately take them ALL back and the merest hint of a babysitting arrangement. Enjoy your evening x

Susan Mann

Grannies are great. Me and my mum don't always see eye to eye but she is great with my kids. I might try to sell her on ebay though and see what i can get lol x


I wish my mother wasn't 5,000 miles away!

Rosie Scribble

Susanna, there are pros and cons to have grandparents close by, but it is great when it comes to babysitting. I'm sure my mother would happily take a few more. Hang on, I'll give her a call ...


I never had one of those so you look after her! Hope the stress levels reduce a bit!

Rosie Scribble

Thank you, Julia. I'm feeling a lot better already!

Talli Roland

Aw! Hope you had a great, relaxing night!


My mother was v. keen to have the children, and kindly took all three of them for a night. The next day she handed them back muttering, 'Probably not for another year or so', then stumbled off to bed.

Rosie Scribble

Oh that's made me laugh out loud!

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