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July 25, 2010


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Lucy Quick

That is adorable!

But I can imagine your frustration when you just need to get her out of the door!


Oh, Rosie. Cherish this time because my nine year old communicates in grunts and occasional MSN messages.

OH! Actually, if she's still enjoying the paper aeroplane thing we bought the kids a paper aeroplane calendar a few years ago. Might be worth keeping in mind for a stocking filler come Christmas time.


Haha! Love it - thankfully Spud can't writevyet or this would be us I'm sure...

Mancunian Mum

My son finds it incredibly hilarious to do the same, but with very expensive card...

Ellen A

Brilliant. My son rigged a contraption up with string and magnets to haul messages up and down stairs. Planes are much better.

Victoria Foord

The Toy Story toys are all out again in our house too. We love them of course.
Sounds like questions are taking a while to get answered over there! Good job its school holiday and you aren't in a hurry to get out in the morning!

A Modern Mother

Would be cute if she wrote in Latin mode! We loved Toy Story 3.

Metropolitan Mum

'I need help and fast'??? That's hilarious. Where did she get that from?

Rosie Scribble

We're always a little over-dramatic in our house!!


love it! We all went to see Toy Story 3 on Sun night - where all the adults totally embarrassed all the children by wailing behind our 3d glasses. It was classy. If a bit blotchy.

Heather Davis

Love the note! Shoes are important. And creativity comes at a price. Full stops can wait.

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