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July 17, 2010


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Di Coke

Sigh, I wish I had the TIME to enter this competition!! ;)


What a lovely book. I'm sure I could find the TIME to read this with my little one!


TIME ;) xx


Would love to teach my daughter to tell the TIME please....xxx


I would love to help mini learn to tell the TIME pretty please


It's about TIME my son learned how to tell the TIME.


Zara's not quite ready to learn yet but when the TIME comes this would come in very handy :)

Sian - MummyTips

What TIME is love?


Gosh Rosie, I am surprised that you find 'The Right Book' so confusing and have criticised it without trying it out on your seven year old! Is this not akin to encouraging your child to take a bite of something new, they don't know what is inside and point blank refuse to taste it! As teacher of over 20 years experience, specialist dyslexia teacher with a number of qualifications... blah blah blah, I would like to say that this book really works. I have tried it with three schools and also my two children, my neighbours children etc etc and can actually say that it is fantastic! None of the children have been confused when relating it to traditional methods because let's face it, what are the 'traditional methods'? None, just old parrot fashioned learning! What is there to confuse? Aramazu gives them a logical method for the first time with a memorable icon. You may be lucky enough to have one of those children with great visual memory who can just remember how to tell the time, but spare a thought for the rest of us whose children rely on other learning techniques. For us, Aramazu is revolutionary and does what it claims. Maybe you and your sister need to think outside the box, just for a while and who knows, you might just learn a valuable lesson in 'Learning How to Learn!' Oh PS, tell your sister that she does not have to be a slave to the Primary Strategies..... I thought that was clear when the new government pasted a disclaimer on all websites!!!

Rosie Scribble

Susie, thank for your comment. I have not criticised the book, I have simply stated that using it with my seven year old could have confused matters as she was benefitting from the method she was being taught in school. There was no need for us to introduce a new method of learning.

I also offered five copies of the book to my readers as a way of promoting the book. My sister is a newly qualified teacher supporting children in a job she enjoys. I'm a mum writing a blog and supporting my child's education. I am aware that the educational needs of children differ as my daughter has developmental delay.

I am very pleased to hear how well the book works and have left your comment on my site for others interested parties to see.

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