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July 14, 2010


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Susan Mann

I just read this at work and I actually laughed out loud, now everyone is staring at me like I am mad. (they may be right) I saw this film last week and thought it was a bit bleh. Thanks for the tag, I will put my thinking cap on. xx


Why have you got a picture of that Footballer, whose name has escaped me for the moment, on your blog?!

I accept my tagging and will get thinking. Hmm. Naughty step...


Haha Hubby and I are digging the heels in about going to see this one, they should have stopped after Shrek 2. Thanks for tagging me!

Hot Cross Mum

That's a bizarrely hilarious picture! Haven;t seen the latest movie but your selection is fine by me. I don't think there is a naughty step big enough for everyone I'd like to put on there. Rubs hands gleefully. Thanks for the tag. x

Sian - MummyTips

are you kidding me? He's not real?? What about the gingerbread man???

Dad Who Writes

We've abolished the naughty step after catching them having fun on it on a number of occasions. Plus, the only available step is perfectly positioned so as to enable falling over anyone sitting on it (see 'fun, having of, on naughty step' above).

Rosie Scribble

Worry not ... the Gingerbread man is 100% real. I've met him actually, nice chap.

Rosie Scribble

LOL! It's not 'that footballer', it's Shrek!

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