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July 15, 2010


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Happy Birthday to your Daughter :)

I'm shedding a tear for that bewildered woman that you were but so happy that seven years on you have a beautiful daughter to show for it :)

Elaine Scott

What a beautiful post and Happy Birthay IJ!! xx
PS Love her tights :D

Henrietta Pretty

A beautiful post.


Cathy @ NurtureStore

Congratulations to both of you. x


Happy birthday IJ!

Tanya (Bump2Basics)

Looks like you have come so far since that first overwhelming moment! Happy Birthday to IJ - she shares a birthday with my mom!


You captured those first feelings so beautifully. Happy birthday to your daughter and hope you enjoy the day together! Xxx

Susan Mann

An amazing post for an amazing journey. You are truly an inspiration and I am honoured to have met you. Happy birthday IJ. Big hugs all round. xx


A Happy Birthaday to your Darling Daughter and is it just me or has she grown since yesterday?


Happy Birthday to IJ and congratulations to you for this wonderful achievement. :) Ciao. A.


woo hoo! big up for the birthday girl! congratulations, you're both stars x

Selina Kingston

And so you should be. Parenthood is the hardest job in the whole world and one that you can't every walk away from. You have done that on your own and given how lost you were at the beginning (which made me want to cry), you have been amazing. Happy Birthday to IJ !!

Emily O

Wow, you just brought tears to my eyes within a second! Wasn't expecting that. Happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter and hope you both have a lovely day x


A really lovely post, happy birthday IJ xx

Talli Roland

Happy seventh to IJ! Hope you've both ahd a great day.


Happy birthday to IJ - she sounds fab and you've done a brilliant job.


What a heartwrenching memory!


Oh you poor soul! SCBU is completely bewildering and shocking isn't it? But look at your gorgeous girly now - belated birthday happies to her, and to you xx

Metropolitan Mum

Happy Birthday IJ, and congratulations Rosie! I think you are doing great - I don't know how I had coped if I'd have to go threw any of this on my own.
x MM

Pants With Names

Happy Birthday IJ. I bet you never thought, as a tired, lost, scared new mother that this day would ever happen. You two are so amazing! Big hugs. xxx

Heather Davis

Oh Rosie that's beautiful! We are so vulnerable as new mums with no idea of what is ahead. So glad you and your lovely girl have found your way together x


What a great memory! If we'd known you then we'd have told you that you could do it! Happy birthday IJ!

Sian - MummyTips

Darn it sis.... you made me cry. Big old happy bday from your adopted family (lets get arranging our get together).
Have I told you this week that you are the best sister in the world?

Rosie Scribble

Aww, sis. You've got me welling up now too. Makes you appreciate the good stuff doesn't it when you look back at the bad and sad, and you know, I wouldn't change it for the world. We came through it all and look at us now.

Anyway, your adopted niece is waiting to meet you and the rest of her adopted family, some time around the middle of August. Let's get it sorted. Mwah x

Chic Mama

Made my tummy flip....Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl. X

Sandy Calico

Late, as usual. A belated happy birthday to IJ. I can relate to having a baby and not having them with you. It was too much trouble for the midwives to wheel me on my bed to see Presley in the SCBU. I had to wait until my husband arrived and he took me. x


Happy Birthday to your young lady! :) xx

If I Could Escape

Awwww, that was lovely! Happy birthday to her!

Whimsical Wife

I have tears!

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