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July 17, 2010


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Potty Mummy

Amazing isn't it, what our 6 / 7 year olds are capable of given half an hour so away from twitter, the tv, the radio, and annoying interruptions from our children... (There's an army vehicle rattling around here that I swear my son is GENIUS for building...)


Ha ha. I totally hear you Rosie.
We are total Lego addicts in this house. Have been since my son was presented with his first Star Wars set at the age of 5. OBVIOUSLY mummy and daddy had to help him what with him being so young and all . . .

Rosie Scribble

Star Wars you say? Hmmm. I think my daughter would really really like to have a go at that one. *quickly makes a note*

Rosie Scribble

So true. And I would imagine these half-hour building slots could become a regular occurance, around 9 o'clock every evening, possibly later at weekends.

Michelle Twin Mum

Another house of Lego'o'holics. The thing is JJ is really good at it now and tells me to go away because he can do it! I could start buying the older technics thought...


Lego is brilliant. Bloody brilliant!


Oooh yeah, I love making my kids lego constructions. Dragon raiders is good too, and if I'm desperate I'll start on the Bionicles.


I know exactly what you mean about just having to have a go! It's like having to put the odd one or twenty pieces into a jigsaw puzzle that is laid out!It certainly is a far cry from the Lego of old that you could only make buildings of!

Talli Roland

I'm shocked there's something more additive than Twitter!

Lucy Quick

Ha! It is addictive isn't it?

For the children I mean. The children. Definitely not me ;)


MadDad and the boys love lego

Mancunian Mum

How could you find anything more addictive than Twitter?? :-) xx


Oh god this is my future isn't it. Stepping on little sharp plastic blocks in the night. ARGHHHH

Maybe I should get some lego for the kids to keep them on the internet *cough*


Lego has to be absolutely the best toy ever invented. Nothing beats it.
Just a shame that the eight large boxes of the stuff we have in this house never seem to be in the box.


Bob is the big lego fan in our house, our kids have all of his old lego as well as their own collection. I've never really got into it as an adult but I remember spending hours as a child building little rectangular houses.

I did have to take Nairn to hospital as a baby when he swallowed a little block. Luckily he's much more content to simply build things rather than eat the lego these days.

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