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July 04, 2010


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Cathy @ NurtureStore

Yes, I too think we should have won - especially as we had one of the answers on our team. So good to meet you!

Emily O

Lovely to meet you, hope it's not too long before we meet again x


Tara Cain? Hang on, I took that pic!
What an inspirational day.
Lovely to meet you all. Sam x

A Modern Mother

So glad you came. No it was not rigged that you won the gin. Next time we need to actually sit down and chat, rather than just say hello while running 20 miles an hour!

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Susanna, it was a wonderful event. I am still buzzing from the weekend (and that isn't the effects of the gin). Thanks for all your hard work, I know there has been a lot. Yes, next time we must have a proper chat. There was just so much to do on the day and it flew by. Pleased I was able to wave at you briefly!

Rosie Scribble

I hope there are more meet-ups like this. I don't think any of us will be as wary of meeting up now, the ice has definitely been broken. See you again soon, I hope!

Hot Cross Mum

Well hurrah to that and cheers! Fab, fab day.


It was so lovely finally meeting you. Yes, it was meeting the faces behind the blogs that will stay with me forever.


Well done on winning the gin!! And good effort on the sponsorship front - I'm defo going to try and go down that road next year!

Talli Roland

Sounds like a great time!


It was lovely to meet you and well done on the gin!

Ellen A

Sounds like an amazing do. I'm so sorry I missed it and you. Next time...

Sian - MummyTips

Thanks for coming sis. xx

We so have to organise something with the kids in the hols. xx

mummy mania

and gin too! Definitely want to come next year!!

Rosie Scribble

Thanks sis, it was a fabulous weekend. We must definitely do something with the kids this summer. I need some excitement now. #Cybermummycomedown xx

Rosie Scribble

LOL! I am starting to think that the fact Tara Cain is in the photo probably means she could not have taken it. Doh! Lovely to meet you too. x

Whimsical Wife

Well you all looked and sounded to have had a fabulous time! I think I'll be tempted to join Cybermummy 2011!!


It was more than just the sessions wasn't it. I still feel overwhelmed that I meet so many people that I feel I know through reading their blogs....just wasn't enough time to meet everybody. ;0S


What a lovely post... Rosie, on behalf of Ready for Ten you are so welcome!

Charlotte and I really enjoyed meeting you (in person, at last!) and getting to know a few more members of the mummy blogging community. Ready for Ten has become very close to both our hearts, and we were both blown away by the day. What a lot of talent, creativity, wit, bravery and kindness is to be found in this community. It was pretty inspiring to take part (though, shhh... I'm not a mum yet!).


Wish I could have met you - so many people, so little time! What a fantastic day it was!

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