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July 11, 2010


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Magic Mummy

I know what you mean about kids having chocolate based cereal for breakfast but I also agree that it's better than them going to school on empty stomachs.

During the recent SATS at my daughters school they all got given breakfast to help them concentrate more and because so many kids were being sent to school without.

We're getting some of these to review too so I cant wait...

Henrietta Pretty

Yeah i had to come to a similar kind of comprimise. My eldest was down to eating just toast for breakfast, so i started buying mini choc weetabix, thinking that an averagely healthy cereal was better than none.

Pants With Names

That isn't too bad - a bowl of Shreddies and milk has 12.1g of sugars in it.

But, I won't be buying it. Like you I'm a bit uneasy about chocolatey cereals for breakfast and as breakfast is one of the few meals in the household where we don't have a huge battle, I probably won't be introducing a potential one. The boys will love it though - Grandma will undoubtedly give it to them as a treat next time we are there.

Metropolitan Mum

Funny, I had never thought of it before, but I am completely ok with pain au chocolat or nutella on toast. Chocolate cereal however is a complete nono for me.


I would probably try it to see what it's like... but the Chocolate Weetabix looks suspiciously turd-like (or is that just me?)!!!



I don't mind about chocolate cereals for breakfast, I even give my children chocolate muffins for breakfast (home made wheat muffins with lots of other "good" stuff in too!) but I don't like this one as it is plain chocolate! Tops does like it though so we might buy it once every few months...


Has a bitter after taste to me but the kids won't touch it.

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