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June 26, 2010


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Love it.

Too late for Blossom I'm afraid. With two brothers she never stood a chance.


London City Mum

Ok - 'comments' seem to be conspiring against me today.
That one above was from me but I mysteriously seemed to have managed to leave my mark under the Evening Standard banner which is also subject to my random musings.

Time to switch off methinks!


Magic Mummy


My 7 y/o used to think your eyebrows were called nuts. Don't ask me why because I haven't got a clue.

She once launched at my husband and said she was going to punch him in the nuts, he understandably went to cover his private parts and was stunned with a smacker between his eyes - sooooo funny ;-)

Rosie Scribble

That is brilliant. I have no idea where they get these ideas from. Your poor husband!


Bless! Well, to be honest it sounds much nicer doesn't it? My youngest at not quite 2 has just taken a keen interest in boys bits. When her Dad goes to the loo she's up, quick as a flash standing beside him. 'What's that?' He's starting to get a bit paranoid I think.

Dulwich divorcee

A classic! And you are a saint to play football with her

mummy mania

great stuff. Oh with two girls and another on the way I'm just waiting for the moment when it all goes pear shaped! Currently my 4 year old 'don't like boys' so I have a breathing space!


I do so wish I was still teaching & she was in my class! She is such fun!!

Baking Mad Mama

Brilliant! I'm always after new names for body parts for the Inevitable Conversation.

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