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June 29, 2010


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Liz (LivingwithKids)

You'll miss each other but it will do wonders for both of you. I'm a firm believer that sometimes parents needs a little break from their children and it gives your kids a chance to spend some quality time with other members of their family too. My sister and I used to spend a week with our grandmother every summer when we were kids and it was magical (think Peggy Sue Got Married). Look forward to seeing you on Saturday - as you're one of the few people who I've actually met before! x

Pants With Names

Dave is taking my two camping for the weekend. I'm hoping it will be a huge success and repeated often! Hope it all goes well for IJ and see you on Saturday!


Wow that IS a huge deal. I think it will be so good for both of you though, possibly one if those things where you'll come away maybe wondering why you didn't do it before!

I had my first night away from Big Small when he was 2 months old, Little Small at about the same age. It was so important for hubs and I to have OUR time and for the boys to spend time with others. Sometimes I think they can't wait to get rid of me ;)

Look forward to seeing you again on Saturday!! :oD

Karin @ Cafe Bebe

Well done you Rosie! I spent my first night away from Little Miss 2 weeks ago when we went to Germany and it was a very good thing, for us both! I won't be doing the same this weekend as we have family here from Australia so it's not fair of me to be away overnight but still...baby steps, eh? Looking forward to seeing you again as well. It's been AGES! ;)

Have a great trip down!

Emily O

Looking forward to meeting you! I agree it's a good thing for you to have some child-free time and for IJ to be with other members of the family. I'm near enough London to be travelling back in the evening so no night away for me. A day's break though, it will be fun! (I still maintain I'll fall asleep).

Susan Mann

That is a huge step. Good luck and it will be good for you and IJ. I am so looking forward to meeting you on Saturday. x

Nappy Valley Housewife

It will be wonderful for you to have a bit of adult time. As great as kids are, it's nice to get a break. Both of you will enjoy it and it's nice to be missed! Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday.

Dulwich Divorcee

Momentous stuff! I'm sure you'll both have a ball xx

Sian - MummyTips

Can't wait to see you sis. xx

Rosie Scribble

And you sis. Bring a bottle, I'll bring two straws!! xx

Heather Davis

As many have already said "can't wait to me you". What a great time you will have not just because of the conference but also for what it signifies to you and your daughter. See ya Saturday x

Magic Mummy

I hope you have a fantastic time - I wish I was going but I just couldn't get my two sorted for the weekend x x Next year I'll be there ;-)


Have a brilliant time! I wish I was coming with you in a way but it will be great to 'share' after the event!

Rachael @ Tales From The Village

I can't wait. It took me a long time to have a night away from my lot, but when I did we all loved it. Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday.

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