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May 25, 2010


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New Mummy

What a great carnival, thank you for pulling it together and including me x

Pants With Names

Have cup of tea, children in school/playgroup and now my mornings entertainment is assured. Perfect. Thanks for putting together and including me!

Susan Mann

What a great carnival. I've read a few new blogs already. Thank you and thank you for the lovely comment about mine. xx

Deer baby

Thanks so much Rosie for doing this and including mine in the Carnival. It's quite a feat compiling them all. Thanks so much for doing it.

Emily O

I meant to get something to you for this but didn't manage it, just like I didn't manage the last carnival on time. Doh! Will give it a mention in my next post. Well done on putting it all together, lots here to read!


Great list...I've enjoyed reading posts and finding new blogs. Thanks for including me. :0)

Jo Beaufoix

Great carnival Rosie and thanks for the Hadrian's Walk mention. It all helps. I will add your post to the linky on my blog and we will get tickets to you asap.


Thanks for including a & u in the carnival, and the very best of luck to Dan, Jo and the other Hadrian's Walkers. Hope they raise lots and lots of cash for the worthy charity.


Fab carnival, Rosie :) Thanks for pulling it all together :D
I keep forgetting to submit stuff... I'm going to have to put the dates in my diary!!

Lloyd Collins

Thanks Rosie...great job. You're blogtastic :)


Thank you for including me!

This is the fourth time I try to leave a comment - do you know what's the matter with your comments?

Rosie Scribble

Thanks, Mwa. Sorry you've had trouble commenting. I hadn't realised there was a problem. Thanks for letting me know.


Thanks for the include! Can't wait to read these...

Sandy Calico

Lovely carnival, Rosie. Thank you for including my post.

I've even remember to link to you, it'll be up tomorrow!

Sandy x

Selina Kingston

What a lovely long list of recommendations. I shall enjoy working my way through these. I've already checked out Honey I'm Home and love it

Magic Mummy

Thanks so much for putting this all together - I'm going to make myself a cuppa and have a good read through them all x

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