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May 09, 2010


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Josie @Sleep is for the Weak

Sounds like you've been coming to the same conclusions as me lately. It DOES feel good. I'm so glad you had a great weekend.

Here's to lots more time with computers off, feeling free x

New Mummy

Lovely, I have to do that to keep sane.


Sounds like you had a great weekend. Look forward to seeing less of you (in the nicest possible sense of course!) x


Good for you Rosie! Glad you had a fab weekend x

Nickie @ Typecast

I shall still look out for your blog posts, Rosie - I love reading them :) But sometimes I think we all need a hiatus from time to time. A change is as good as a rest xx

Rosie Scribble

I did think of you actually Josie on the journey home. I'd read your posts about spending less time online. I was actually unsure how I'd manage a whole three days away from the computer which was why I took my Netbook with me. I was surprised and relieved that I didn't miss it at all. You're right, it DOES feel good.

Rosie Scribble

Carol, I've discovered I need to too!

Rosie Scribble

Thanks, Nickie, I'll still be posting because I do enjoy it. I'll just be spending less time on the internet and doing more things off line so life feels more balanced. x

Deer baby

Hi Rosie - I think we all come to this conclusion at different points. Mine comes and goes. Last week I never wanted to see Twitter or my blog again. This week I am on it again but still feeling that I am not dependent on it. I really do think that life should take the upper hand. Will still be checking for your updates on twitter but it feels good to stand back for a while doesn't it?

Rosie Scribble

I agree. I hadn't realised how good it feels to stand back for a while until I logged off and went out, then realised I had no urgent need to log on again! I think life can sometimes become very fast-paced when you're constantly checking emails, twitter and blogs, that's what I found. It was nice to enjoy a slower pace of a life for a while and allow myself to stop trying to keep up with it all.

Trish @ Mum's Gone to

Rosie I know just how you feel. We all need to physically turn the computer off in order to stop it ruling our lives. Once done, it isn't as hard as we think to leave it off.
Yesterday I accidently spilled a whole glass of orange juice on my laptop. I cleaned it the best I could and then closed it for the rest of the day. Today I have been out all day and I didn't miss it at all.
Now I'm back home, trying to type is a nightmare as the keys are so sticky (this comment is taking me hours!). So I think I'l switch off, give my boys a cuddle and enjoy not being able to blog for a bit!

Rosie Scribble

You see - there are positives to spilling a whole glass of orange juice on your computer!! It sounds from all these comments that we all need to log off once in a while. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Hope your computer dries out. I shall think of you next time I put a drink near my computer!

English Mum

It's a great 'pick me up' to just switch off every so often. While we were in Morocco I didn't touch a keyboard for nearly two weeks - very freeing! x


Glad your weekend was so liberating!! I've been glued to my laptop this weekend so could take a tip or two from you!!


Think we all get addicted to tweeting and bloging. Its an odd thing, makes me happy but sometimes does feel like i am chained to it somehow.
I hope you get the right balance for you, and if you find it, please tell me how, on your blog/twitter of course! ;D xxx

Emily O

Sounds like you had a nice break, it's important to switch off from time to time: technologically speaking and emotionally speaking!


Sounds like a good weekend. My husband told me that my phone would be fused to my hand soon if I didn't watch it. Hmm maybe time for a break too!

Pants With Names

I've enjoyed not being online so much too. It's all about finding that balance! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Bliss.


Well done Rosie. Glad you had a fab weekend away. I gave up blogigng, tweeting etc for the 6 weeks of Lent and learnt the same lesson. Real life is fun when we do not pressure ourselves to blog all the time. Enjoy your freedom. Mich x


I think I need a bit of that too. I didn't answer my email at all this weekend and it does feel liberating.
Good for you. xx

A Modern Mother

Glad you had some unwind time.

Modern Dilemma

Sounds like we are in the same place. I've stepped back of late and that is a bit of a joke really as I've only been blogging for a few months. I'm happier when social media isn't taking over and am finding a balance slowly. So glad you had fun. I finally got round to writing a secret post club post today and have linked to you. Thanks again for that marvellous book. I love it!

MD xx


I'm coming to the end of a week-long blog holiday and am thinking I may extend it. I've been gardening, baking, cooking, and enjoying my children (and obsessing over the election of course). A bit of balance is never a bad thing, is it?

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