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May 11, 2010


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Dulwich Divorcee

Don't worry, Rosie - if she loves Barbie's tattoo at six, you can rest assured she'll be sooooo over it by the time she's a teenager


Well done you! I'm so against little ones (& they are little up to 16 in my book!) being so pressured into giving up their childhoods early!


I can not believe that Barbie has a tatoo, but then I am possibly the only mum at the school gate who doesnt have one, so who am I to say what is right and wrong!

Metropolitan Mum

Wow, that's a new one. And I thought Barbie couldn't get worse. Well, there's always room for improvement then...
I have given you an award: http://www.metropolitanmum.co.uk/2010/05/spread-the-blogging-love/
And I hope you don't have it already.xx D


Ah, but unless I'm very mistaken, that's not a tatoo! It's body paint, applied like muslim women apply hennae on their hands and arms. We had that done for my sister's wedding two years ago, and it was fun - you'd choose from several arabesk designs and the woman would paint it on your body. But unless it's actual hennae (so not pink) it washes off really quickly...

Rosie Scribble

But Barbie's body art does not wash off when she is in the water. Body paint does sound a lot better than something that is permanent. A friend had henna on her hands at her own wedding. Took hours to apply I remember. As long as my six year old does not get any ideas of anything permanent then I'm happy!

Rosie Scribble

Who knows what Barbie's next move will be. Thanks very much for my award!


I'm boycotting Barbie... until one of the grandparents or aunties gives them one, I suppose. That's what happened with swords.


I have a tattoo and Eliza said "when I grow up I am going to get a huge whale on my back covering it all" Err no you're bloody well not!

Rosie Scribble

I have one too! A giant whale sounds funny. Just tell her that would be incredibly painful!! Should put her off getting it done!


My daughter loves the Barbie films they show on Nick Jr, fortunately there is no evidence of Tattoos, I wouldn't like that either. We have a tattoo artist in our town and there always seems to be children in there - bizarre...

London City Mum

I keep on meaning to post about the volume and quality of the tattoos we saw whilst in Brazil recently.
I have NEVER in my entire adult life seen so many, so big, so bold, on so many young people.
None of this "just a butterfly for me, thanks". Oh no - more of a "I want a hu-f*cking-mungous dragon across my entire back and Aztec-inspired very large circles on my calves, and something crawling over my right breast please" type of experience.
And that was just the women. I am still agog if I think about some of the exhibits we saw, truly mind-boggling (and to be honest, some stunning pieces of walking art, especially the ones donning eensy-weensy bikinis).

I just wonder if it crossed their minds when they had them done what they will look like in 20 years' time, ie very large unattractive bruises.



Tattoo Transfers! I've never got a real one done but not only am I terrified of needles, I'm also incredibly indecisive. If I was neither of these, I'd have a ghekko clambering over my shoulder that I'm not convinced I'd still like now!

Foodie Mummy

Not a big fan of Barbie but Marie still has some. And she does happen to have that particular one. Let me tell you about it. It's a mermaid / surfer Barbie. The tattoo disappears/appears when you dip her in cold/warm water (never know which does which). It's would actually be a lovely tattoo. I have 2 of them, Mr Foodie has 4 so I think our girls will get their bad influence from us not from Barbie!


Whatever happened to Sindy eh? She'd never have done such a thing, I feel sure!

If I Could Escape

In utter shock that Barbie now has a tat albeit a really nice looking one. My little one suddenly taken to wanting to wear the tattoo transfers the Easter bunny got him. He only likes them on his arms though. Thankfully. Must not let him see this as he may end up asking for one on his belly!

A Modern Mother

Have fun at Centre Parcs -- we loved it there.

Whimsical Wife

I'm not a huge Barbie fan myself - we have some (all have been bought as presents by other people) They are never out of the box *Whoop*

As for kids body art - I do let girly play with tattoo transfers and face paints - all perfectly wash offable :)

Crystal Jigsaw

These Barbie's are a little riske, Amy has tons of them and loves the bikinis. I think they look like Jordan on a mission.

CJ xx


Oh. Well, I'm just totally out of the loop here. That's what comes from moving to a different country.

Tattoos for small girls here are standard. No, not the real thing. Those stick on ones, that last a few days, and you then have to scrub off with baby oil. You get them at every party, at every school event, handed out as freebies all the time, or you buy a sheet of them as a reward, much as you would a sheet of stickers.

I'm not a huge fan (my younger son - yes, they're for boys too - scrubbed one off his cheek so vigorously that there was a sore there for days afterwards), but they're just part of a child's life. To say "no tattoos" would be like saying "no dressing up" or "no wearing small plastic necklaces and bracelets" or "no sticker".

I had no idea that they caused such alarm in Britain.

Oh help. What other cultural issues am I in the dark about?


I wonder if Barbie is going to surprise us with some new piercings too?

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