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May 01, 2010


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Ellen Arnison

What a lovely month. Would you mind awfully if I stole too? And I hope May delivers continued wonderfulness.

Rosie Scribble

Yes, steal away Ellen. It's a great idea. It is taking on a meme-like feel! Shame the original idea was not mine.

English Mum

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so they say. The more the merrier. Maybe we should aim to get the whole blogosphere doing this on the last day of every month!! x

Crystal Jigsaw

Oh you lucky things going to Centre Parcs - I took Amy last year and we had a fantastic time! Hope to go back next year if I can drive again.

CJ xx


Sounds like a fun month Scribbles, and that book sounds good. Can we expect a full review?


I think I might pinch this idea for next month! May need a remider! Perhaps you could make it a meme thing!
You certainly covered lots & had a good month though!

Selina Kingston

Oh just the word studying freaks me out so I am in awe that you are doing your Chartered Institute of Marketing exam. Good luck and I hope you are calmer than my two who are doing GCSEs and A-levels and just a little stressed!

Working Mum

I gave up Cosmo years ago, I'm on Easy Living now, I guess it'll be Good Housekeeping next!

Rosie Scribble

We love Centre Parcs too and it's not far from us. It is very expensive, especially in the school holidays, but the kids love it.

Rosie Scribble

I love all Richard Templar's Rules books. There's a Rules of Parenting title too which I think is excellent. But the rules of the Rules, are tell no-one!

Rosie Scribble

When I was studying for my A Levels I used to be able to study from early in the morning until late at night. Now I can manage about two hours and no more. Age is taking its toll!

Rosie Scribble

Recently I received a subscription offer for Cosmopolitan and then one for Good Housekeeping the very next day. I have to admit that GH seemed a lot more appealing!! I won't be subscribing to it just yet though.

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