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April 24, 2010


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I love this :) Not sure what kind of blogger I am - must go and find out :)


I've had a week off this week and had to remind myself that it was MY blog and therefore if I didn't feel like writing I wouldn't. I'd worried that my small band of readers would desert but again told myself that they probably wouldn't and even if they did the most important thing is that I enjoy it.
I've written a post today about self-doubt as I'm amazed how many fantastic bloggers seem to suffer from it when I think they're fab.
I think I'm a "trying to be chilled out blogger"

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Mummylimited, I've been over to your blog and commented. I have found that if I put myself under prssure to write something then I end up posting for the ake of it or finding my mind goes blank. You are right, it's your blog and it sounds as if you've been pretty busy so it's understandable that it has to take a back seat at times.

Rosie Scribble

Thanks April. I think Mummylimited has created a very sensible new category which is 'Trying to be a chilled out blogger'. I like the sound of that!


I much prefer reading when people are chilled out, you can often tell in their words and manner, if that makes any sence what so ever and oh mrs pass the cocktails round!

Rosie Scribble

Makes perfect sense, The MadHouse. I'm passing you a Tequila cocktail and sending you here: http://www.cocktailmaking.co.uk/

Ellen Arnison

Rosie, You're indeed a very wise woman. We have enough pressure without stressing that over Google Analytics. And if you're doing cocktails, I don't suppose you've got a Pimms? x

Rosie Scribble

Oh yes, Ellen. We are well-stocked here. Shall I add ice to your Pimms? Dash of lemonade or neat?

Emily O

Good for you, it's the way forward. What does it all mean in the grand scheme of life anyway? Not much. I find if I'm tired and stressed in real life then I start stressing out about blogging too. Some days I'm very calm about it all, but I also get my moments. I get irritated easily and some things in the blogosphere get me feeling like that. I think it's best to ignore them because it's not important. Good post.


i can't be bothered to type a comment.
I'm pretty chilled out 10 year of living in Australia will do that to you :D

Rosie Scribble

Sounds like the place to be! :D

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Emily. I'm exactly the same. If I'm stressed out in real life then it spills over into my blog. I'm a bit of an open book really. If I write a happy post it's usually because I'm happy, and vice versa.


Well I'll take a Strawberry Daquiri then...or a mudslide.

Glad you've found a way to make blogging fun for you again :)

Expat Mum

I am convinced that not Tweeting (or whatever you call it) is saving me a lot of stress. I've never really worried about stats and things, but I just know if I get caught up in the world of Twitter it could all change.


I took a little break a few weeks ago, because I was getting stressed by it all. As you've said, it's meant to be a fun hobby, so if it becomes a chore, what's the point?

I agree with Expat Mum - I think Twitter makes it more pressurised, because it seems to move it all along so much faster. Instead of writing a post, and then leaving it for a few days, it seems that there's a big rush to get it out there on Twitter, so it can be retweeted quickly. I may be wrong (since I didn't stick with Twitter, I'm not in a position to judge), but that's the sense I get.

I do wonder if we all try to follow and comment on far too many blogs. It means we spread our interests very thin, and that is stressful. Trouble is, there are just so many good ones out there!


Good to hear you are all chilled out now :) We were worried we were going to lose you for a while back there.

Brit in Bosnia

Since coming back from Bosnia I haven't checked my stats once. And I find that I haven't missed it at all. I'm posting a lot less, partly because I haven't got the time, partly because I just want to post when I have got something to say. And I'm enjoying it. Long may the chilled out blogger continue. Now, where did I put that chilled glass of Chablis, I'm coming to join you on that sun lounger! Hic.

Victoria Foord

I'm trying to stay chilled out, but at the same time want to keep my contributions and comments going and not disappear of the blog radar. Sometimes I'm itching to surf around and see whats going on but that pile or ironing or visit to see the ducks for the 1oth time that week are the priority. Every little comment I get does please me and when one of my followers left the other week I was traumatised!! A cocktail in hand sounds like the perfect way, if only.

Rosie Scribble

Thanks Erica, and thanks for the inspiration for this post! I'm afraid I've just drunk the cocktail I prepared for you. *hangs head in shame* I'll attempt to make you another one!

Rosie Scribble

I've been tweeting since the end of last year and I've found it all fun and enjoyable. I've found some great blogs through twitter and made some great friends. I haven't found in stressful at all. That might not be the case for everyone, however.

Rosie Scribble

Iota, I used to read and comment on lots of blogs, I think a lot of people did, but not so much now. I keep up to date with blogs that interest me and blogs of friends, because I find that a lot more enjoyable than feeling I need to leave me name and comments all over the blogosphere. I read more than I comment on because there just isn't the time, and I sleep better if I spend my evenings reading a good book than sitting in front of a computer screen.

As I said to Expat mum about twitter - I've always found it fun and enjoyable and it has been great to interact with the people whose blogs I read and to discover other blogs as well. Most of all it's a converational space rather than there for people to promote their blogs. There may be others who find it stressful though, perhaps that's something I'll investigate because it has certainly changed the face of blogging.

Rosie Scribble

Awww. Thank you Heather. Yes, I did have a big blog wobble (now there's an unusual expression!) but all is well now. xx

Rosie Scribble

That's what I find Emily - it is much more enjoyable when you don't feel under pressure to post and write something when you feel you want to rather than feeling you have to. Hope life back in the UK is treating you well. It must be taking some getting used to. xx

Rosie Scribble

Victoria, thankfully I don't know how many followers I have or I suspect I would be concerned if I'd lost one and would wonder the reason why. I think I have things nore balanced now - the ironing used to get neglected as I spent hours in the blogosphere but now I dip in and out as the mood takes me. I like to keep up to date with what is happening so I probably read a lot more than I comment as it just takes up too much time. Thanks for dropping by.

English Mum

Late to the party here (sorry, catching up on two weeks' worth of blog posts!). I know exactly what you mean. I actually got to the stage when I was stressing because I was getting so many PR approaches. Then sensible Tara said 'just hit delete', and I realised that she's right. It's just my blog. Nothing spectacular, but all mine. I'm much more chilled out now x


I'm a semi-organised blogger, according to Erica's criteria. I'm fairly relaxed with my posts. The thing that stresses me a little bit is commenting on other people's blogs - there are just too many good ones out there! Glad to hear you have decided to relax and go with the flow!

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