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April 08, 2010


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Looks like you all had a great time! You're right, the friends we make through blogging is definitely worth putting yourself out there.


I totally agree with your sentiments. I had my first meet up today with Paula (@peabee72) and her children. Again all the kids played as though they had been friends for ages. I was slightly anxious having never had a meet-up before, but it was lovely. We chatted and had tea and later lunch. The time flew by as we had such a nice time and will no doubt do so again. The social networking net allows us to meet such a wide variety of funny friendly lovely people that I shall continue to do so.


Reading @porridgebrain post you all clearly had a great time! Really envious!

Tara@Sticky Fingers

You now love trees! My work here is done x


Tree hugging is fab, but somewhere during the day I missed cake...all those damned carrots confused me and I clearly temporarily lost focus! Had a lovely day.

English Mum

Ah, I see Tara's infected you with her tree virus. I totally concur. Blogging/friendship: reason enough. xx

Liz (LivingwithKids)

How brilliant that you were able to meet up and have such a fabulous day out together. I know a few mums who feel incredibly isolated and blogging is a lifeline for them. I don't think you can underestimate its capacity to connect - you guys are proof of that. It's not worth worrying about the other stuff. I'm going away the week after next with some bloggers and it's an incredibly exciting feeling. I have made lots of friends through blogging.

Fab pic of the kids, looks like a fashion shot! x


The photo of all the children in the tree is fantastic.

I'm glad this has reassured you about blogging, everyone gets something different out of it and afterall there's no point doing it if it makes you unhappy, but this sort of thing makes it all worth while.


Sounds like we all came back a bit glowy and refreshed :)

It was a brilliant day wasn't it. There shall be more days like this, I decree it...


Karin @ Cafe Bebe

That's so delightful. I love the pic of the kids all walking off together. Adorable. And I am supremely jealous! ;)


That is just lovely. The pictures of the tree stacked with children and the children all wandering off into the sunset together is just fab. I love that you all met up and I feel really pleased that I've met so many great people in the short time I've been blogging. Posts like this are just really uplifting.

Hurray for blogging! And meeting! And children in trees! xx

mummy mania

sounds wonderful! a great reminder how important this community is - even if we don;t meet up!


Can't believe that you guys didn't take a photo of you all together. Kids are brilliant aren't they, they all look like they are the best of buds already. Sounded like a top day.

Jessi Louise

I like to think that friendships made online can shift easily into real life. This is proof of that :) Looks like fun!


Rosie - it was lovely to meet you, just really sorry I didn't really get the opportunity to chat, with a small moany Moo stuck to my hip...

Hopefully I'll meet you again soon, and I can rectify that! It's so odd when you feel you know someone already through their blogging...

Susan Mann

I am so jealous, it looks like you all had a fab day. I wish I lived closer to come and meet you all. xx

If I Could Escape

Jealous! Looks like a fab day!

Muddling Along Mummy

It sounds lovely - for me blogging has been about finding friends and a group of people who I admire and can relate to, perhaps that makes me an internet wierdie but whatever ... :-)

Jo Beaufoix

It was the best day wasn't it? I've not had chance to blog it yet as we had our day in Ironbridge yesterday with my Mum and Dad (Rosie we have to go there), but the pics are amazing and make me feel all warm and glowy. What a lovely bunch and how adorable are our kids? Miss E was a little annoyed that while being 2 and a half years older than the oldest of the rest she was only slightly taller than them, but I have reminded her that fab things come in small packages too and she is fine. ;D


Your daughter and mine would get on well. She has to look immaculate where ever she goes even in the garden!

That's so nice you all got to meet up and be together in RL it changes the dynamics and usually brings you closer, and it becomes not only your blogging network, but a network of friendship and playdates! Love the pic of them all in the tree!

Emily O

Looks like you had a great time, I love the picture of them all in the tree! There's quite a blogging gang in the North West isn't there? Must be lovely to meet up, shame I'm so far away. Need to get the Thames Valley mums on the case, not so many of us though.


What a lovely day. It's good fun meeting fellow bloggers.

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