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March 03, 2010


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I remember hot weather.

I think.


lovely photos...although looking at people wearing short sleaves right ow just makes me feel cold!

Emily Vest

Lovely Abingdon. So pretty. Can't wait for an English summer (a proper one that is). x

Rosie Scribble

I did think of you, Emily, when I wrote this post!

Tara@Sticky Fingers

Love IJ posing infront of the archway! I think beauty is where ever you see it and your pix perfectly depict that. You sly thing Rosie, you said you're not very good . . . Pah!

Rosie Scribble

Tara, it took several attempts to find any photos that looked semi-presentable! Then I uploaded them and they just didn't look right, so I had to start again. It was fun though, looking forward to the next theme.

Susan Mann

What great photos and such a beautiful girl. Excellent xx


Everyone is good at photography, you take lovely pics and you have a great girl there!

Nickie @ Typecast

Great photos :-)

littledude's mummy

I'm quite a big girl now, and I'd still be happy with a sunny day, cool water & some colouring pencils!

Lovely photos :)

Crystal Jigsaw

Lovely photos. I remember going to that area when I used to live in Aylesbury. Your daughter looks so happy with her arms outstretched.

CJ xx

Tattie Weasle

So few people stop to really look at buildings - I love the higgeldy piggeldinesss that you've captured and of course the sunshine!


Great photos, what a beautiful town. Never been there but if I'm ever in the area will drop by now.


Lummee, sorry I'm so late to this.

Lovely pictures - who says you're not very good at photography? They look great to me.

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