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March 17, 2010


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Trish@ Mum's Gone to

I don't know why you were worried about posting this - it's brilliant. It looks like a photo-shopped thing where they just highlight certain colours (there's a word for that!!). Great colours against the grey, and also the red banners on the left add another dimension to it.


I love T square they are always doing cool things there!
£5 for water in London I think you got off lightly lol


Lovely! So much blue in that picture! Its great :D


Great photo, but yeah, what is it exactly?! x


What a great picture the colours against the grey surroundings are lovely. I never see anything like that when I go to Trafalgar Square.

Nickie at Typecast

Is that what they've ended up putting on the 4th Plinth?

It's a great photo, Rosie :)

Emily Vest

Love that photo. Love the artwork. Like the red posters on the National Gallery the best. Really well captured.

If I Could Escape

That is a lovely photo, Rosie. Well done!

Tara@Sticky Fingers

I think you got IJ to climb up there and build something because there is no way that was put there for all to admire, surely? Surely?
I kind of like it, but not in the setting it's in - just wrong!


A great picture, just perfect for this week's gallery x


Strange modern art...

Something colourful and ultra modern on top of something old, with old architecture surrounding it... but oddly, I think it works!

Selina Kingston

I really like it! The colours look so vibrant against the always grey Trafalgar Square.
Hope you're feeling better now x


That's a lovely picture - I can't add to what's already been said!

I must go and find out what's on the 4th plinth nowadays.

Jo Beaufoix

That pic is fab Rosie. I love the angle you've taken it from. It almost looks unreal. Brilliant.

Baking Mad Mama

Great photo! As Selina said, Trafalgar Square is so grey that it's lovely to see a splash of colour in there.

Muddling Along Mummy

I missed that installation - but have to say I love the colours and the shapes of it, not sure why but I do

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