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March 10, 2010


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Tara@Sticky Fingers

And how many people will admit to counting them too. I did!
Brilliant pic. I have a similar conversation with my son: I remember a time when there was no internet and my computer games had to be loaded via a cassette tape and took about 10 minutes. Then it would always crash.
I get the same 'mummy must be mad' look!


This ia a fun shot. We're lucky, my friend's hubby works for BT and managed to salvage and restore an old red phone box for their garden - he keeps rakes and spades in it now but at least I have one to point to and say "See when I was young...."

Emily Vest

So weird to think that they will think we are so ancient, kind of like being around before cars type things. We didn't have answering machines for ages either. And if a boy phoned you they had to call your home and you got so much teasing if your mum or brother picked up the phone! They won't have to do this awful ritual. I'm quite jealous.

Emily Vest

And forgot to say that that is a fab photo too! x

Trish @ Mum's Gone to

I love quirky photos like this. Brilliant (and yup, I had to count too!)
And what a reminder to our children of the dark ages of public telephone boxes. I think back to being at University queueing up to ring home a couple of times a week. How much better now to be able to send an email, text or quick call on the mobile to keep in touch.


Great photo!
I was recently discussing the phone queue at university too! A thing of the past. My pupils don't believe me when I tell them I used to hand write all my essays at uni and never did any research on the internet ( even though it DID exist 'cus I'm not THAT old!!)It just seemed too new-fangled to bother with (I graduated in 1997)so I stuck to the library and a pen.


I saw them too!!!
My brother and his family live in Kingston so we visit throughout the year, I remember seeing them and loving the bizarrness of them!
Excellent photo


'in the olden days' - oh jeez, now i feel really past it!


I often get a "wow that's WEIRD" when I show or explain how things were when I was little, which was only about a week ago but still. Love the phone boxes such a part of the UK!

English Mum

What a brilliant picture! Brings back lots of memories - a childhood friend had a red telephone box in his front garden x


11 right??? Great picture!

Brighton Mum-Teenage Angst

What a great fun, unusual shot. Great photo!

Jo Beaufoix

Ahhhh what a fab pic hon. I remember that. Can't believe IJ was only 4. Wow. :D


Hee - we are such dinosaurs! I was telling my son about the 80s trauma of loading up computer games from tapes. He was moaning about a website taking too long to load. "Eeee, lad", I said. "Time was when you had to set the tape going and then go off and play for an hour while the game loaded." He looked at me in sheer disbelief...

The photo is wonderful - I really like the domino effect of the boxes.


That's a fab picture. Never seen anything like it before....I can see tweleve! ;0)


Love that picture! Love that place infact as I live not far away from there! Its fab :D

If I Could Escape

Fantastic!! Still laughing at her in the olden days comment!!

Selina Kingston

My children think it is "quaint" that my husband and I used to write letters to each other...on paper, with pens. They get distressed though at the thought that we lived in a age when there were no mobiles and no home computers. Such a dark time !!

Noble Savage

I used to live near there, always loved the falling down telephone boxes. Great picture of it!


What a fantastic picture. And yes, how will our children understand what phone boxes were for? My son asked me how I did homework without the internet the other day.

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