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March 12, 2010


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hope you feel better soon x


Oh no! Hope you feel better x

(P.S. We say lurgy too...)


Feel better soon, enjoy the warm bed

English Grandma

Poor Rosie...get well soon. Shall I pop round with some Lemsip and Strepsils?

Emily Vest

Oh, feel better soon. A hot water bottle, some inane DVD and a bit of piece and quiet should do the trick - I hope. Go kick that lurgy into touch. x


Get well soon Ms S! Shall I vlog you my patent recipe for a hot toddy? Doesn't touch the lurgy, but sure does make you feel better!


How did you manage to make the lurgy sound like an attractive proposition? Oh yes, it was the mention of a nice warm comfy bed.... Hope you feel better soon!

Emily O

Oh no, I hope it wasn't the stress of the interview! Thanks for the mention and I hope you feel better soon x


That sucks! Hope you feel better soon. Hope you get some peace and quiet!

Metropolitan Mum

Bleurgh, I have a cold, toooo! Get better soon. xx Deborah


hope you feel better soon xx


Rubbish....hope your day in bed has cured the lurgy!

A Modern Mother

Have a nice day in bed!

Family Affairs

I really sympathise. As another single parent, it's so difficult to find time to be ill!! Hope you're feeling better soon and make sure you get well looked after tomorrow. Lx

Selina Kingston

oh dear you need to do lots of sleeping. get better soon x

English Mum

I shall lend you English Grandma. She's good in a crisis. xx

Working Mum

Hope you felt better in time for Mother's Day and that you got a bit of pampering.


Darned. I was getting totally excited in an unashamedly voyeuristic way. Enjoy the hot water bottle, if not the rest of it.


get well soon

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