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March 19, 2010


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I'll raise my non - alcoholic glass of wine to that plan!


Not sure about aloe vera juice but the rest sounds like a good plan to me...especially the dancing! Hope you are up and running on full power again very soon.

Nickie @ Typecast

I am singing and dancing with you :) I would LOVE to live my life as in a musical, breaking out into song and have a cast of thousands dance behind me, expressing my inner most feelings. In fact, I think there'd be less war and more joy if it was made compulsory!!

*stands on coffee table and sings "All That Jazz"*


That is an excellent plan! Hope you perk up soon and can put it into action!

Slummy Single Mummy

Hoorah! I will raise my very non-non-alcoholic glass of vodka to that! I watched Grease last night so I have been living today in time to the Grease soundtrack. I LOVE Grease. I smiled and sung all the way through :-)

Emily Vest

I have no idea what Glee is. Until today I didn't even know that such a thing existed. I now know that there is something called Glee and everyone is talking about it.

But I like the sound of a positive happy dancy Rosie!


I think I will join you in the dancing, oh and Emily you will not let Glee pass you by once you are back in the UK.

Rosie it is so hard once your body gets run down. I am going to be trying harder, as this flu has wiped me out


I too am a bit of a Glee virgin. Hadn't heard of it until today. *whispers* um, sorry, but it doesn't really sound like me cup of tea.

Still, if it gets you feeling better then it can't be all bad and I'll raise a cup of herbal tea to that. I won't drink it if you don't mind, I've got a glass of red on the go, but I will raise it.


Oh I totally love Glee, can't get that song out my head its like a coca cola ad isn't it. Have never quite got on with herbal tea. I hope it tastes like Ribena and always disappointed.

Nappy Valley Housewife

I love Glee! I watch it with my 14-year-old and pretend it's because she likes it. But if she's not home, I watch it anyway.


Oh, i'm right there with you. I an LOVING the Glee soundtrack and it is helping me through a stressful time too. It is so relaxing and has definitely helped cheer me this week to the point where I can reassess things too! Hope you feel better soon xx

Working Mum

You sound like me last year after six months of bronchitis. This year is a totally different story for me. Amazing what a difference your health can make to how you view your life. Hope you are feeling much better now and taking good care of yourself.


I like Glee but keep missing it on the telly. I can recommend meditation, I've started going to meditation classes and really getting into it now. :-)

Muddling Along Mummy

I like the Glee music and have spent a few weeks with Glee earworms... tempted to actually go out and buy the CD, haven't actually bought any new music in ages

Insomniac Mummy

I must must must buy thr Glee soundtrak! I'm currently driving the kids insane you tubing the songs!


BTW Aloe Vera juice sounds minging.....just sayin' ;)


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