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March 26, 2010


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Oh Rosie, no. I am so sorry to hear this - you are one of the friendliest sorts I've met since I started blogging. Please don't feel so bad - I am sure we all will miss you if you go. M xxx


No,no,no,no,no. You mustn't stop. I want to blog because I read your blogs and others and it makes me want to write. I find them entertaining,funny,sad,truthful and importantly friendly. My OH doesn't want me to start, I have been going through @erica's course and I think I am going to do it, but you mustn't stop.
If you start a debate it is because you have written something interesting,if it is devisive so what, everything in life can be that way. If someone attacks you then they are not worthy of your time and energy.
Don't stop, we love you. xx

Sally Whittle

I'm not sure what I missed, but I thought it was a great post and everyone seemed to agree with you.

What'd say is that I think it's a shame when people shy away from sparking debate. Exchanging ideas, hearing different perspectives - it's part of the fun of blogging for me, obviously so long as it doesn't get personal or nasty, which it needn't. If you've sparked a debate, it just means you wrote something great, and interesting.

However, blog when it's right for you, when it's fun. We'll be waiting for you when you find your Mojo again. And I'm so pleased IJ seems to have got past her worries, a bit.


Rosie - you know my thoughts. You have to do what's right for you.

On another note - can you email me the details of the worry book please ... I think I could do with that. Not for me of course, the 5 year old.

Dulwich Divorcee

I think a lot of us are having a bit of a rest over Easter. Ten tons of choc will perk us all up xx

Muddling Along Mummy

I read it as empowering, haven't commented yet because it prompted me to get on with a post of my own about identities and so on

Ignore the bitchiness, its like the parent blogging community has a synchronised attack of PMT at the moment


I agree with this - I truly thought you hit the nail on the head.

Know that I will miss your blogging, but I am happy you are doing what feels right for you at this time xx

Crystal Jigsaw

Sorry, think I've missed something here. I'm sure you meant well and a debate is always a healthy thing for anyone to have. A bit of umph in ones life does us no harm, mummy bloggers or not.

Big hugs to you,
CJ xx


I hadn't read your previous post yet, so I've just had a look at it and all the comments. Maybe you've had some comments sent to you elsewhere, but the ones I've read all seem to be very supportive of your post so I don't think you've upset and angered people. If you've sparked a debate, or even just made people think, then that's a good thing. You're a talented writer and people want to read what you've written and discuss it with others. That's no bad thing, whether they agree with you or not.

For what it's worth, I agree wholeheartedly with you. I'm new to blogging and have only recently become aware of the mummy blogging community. I've been quite surprised to see the term 'mummy blogger' used in a derogatory way. But then maybe not surprising, as it's a convenient way for some people to condescend to women who have children, as though the moment you give birth you're incapable of intelligent thought. Absolutely we are mummies, and very proud of it, but we're also just as intelligent and talented as anyone else.

I thought it was a great post, and I hope you choose to keep writing x

Emily O

Hi Rosie, I think I've spotted what you're referring to. I know exactly what it's like when something like this happens. It's a theme at the moment and a few people have their opinions about it. As Sally says, sparking debate is good. Please don't take it to heart and please, please don't let it stop you blogging. The blogging world would be boring if we all agreed with each other. If there is any nastiness IGNORE it. It all blows over ((hugs))


Sorry you feel like this Rosie, especially as you seem to be such a friendly and supportive blogger friend to so many people. I'm not sure what has happened, but I hope you decide return to blogging when you're ready. Take care x

Susan Mann

No Rosie, you're blogs are great. They are about you, your opinions, your views and your life. That is what it should be about. Don't give up. Please come back soon. Take care and miss you xx


Hi Rosie, I thought it was a great post and most of the commenters agreed with you. I don't know what else has happened but please don't feel bad. Come back to blogging when you feel rested - if you want to. And I am very glad to hear that IJ is happier.

Nappy Valley Housewife

I will miss you if you go . . .hopefully, you'll feel differently soon! And it's lovely to hear that IJ is feeling 'healthy, happy and proud of herself.' We all know how important that is for the self-esteem.


Don't be upset Rosie I think healthy debate is good! We are all so different and that is what makes life so interesting and the world go round.


Takeba few days away and when you get back things will seem better. As so many have said, we loved your post - it raised some great points.


Oh gosh. Your brilliant post, your brilliant question led to all that? Some people, honestly (though I've not gone back to it to see who they were)
Do come back when you're ready. What's The Worry Book? My little one's in a right anxious phase at the moment. You see Rosie, some of us need you even if I don't comment all the time!
Take care ok xxx


Dont know what I missed, but I read your vblog because I ant to and I never find you malicious in anyway.

I am so pleased that IJ and you have found something to help, I look forward to hearing more


That is a real shame, I shall miss you. I thought your post was interesting and inspiring and I hope that you return soon.

Foodie Mummy

Such a shame. We're going to miss you. I'm glad IJ is feeling better. I thought your post was brilliant. Hope to see you back soon. X


don't go, i've only just found your blog and I love it x


Hi Rosie, you see from all these reactions that what you did was good. Thought-provoking blogs/posts are a breath of fresh air and hat off to ladies like you that have the courage to call a spade a spade. Please keep on blogging and on your terms! Ciao. A.

Mummy Bear

I hope that you come back soon as I really enjoy reading your posts...one of my favourite bloggers out there. I hope you are taking a break because it is something that feels right for you, not because of someone elses opinion...we all have different ideas, no one more right than the other...love to IJ x


I must have missed whatever happened too, but I thought your post was perfectly written and not at all divisive and I'm really sorry that whatever someone has said has led you to take a break. I've written before about how I feel that motherhood makes me feel invisible in society and I think that feeling spills out a little bit for me too in blogging in the way that mummyblogging is perceived. Someone once said to me 'if you want to be considered professional, don't talk about/write about your personal life' and although I don't agree, I kind of see what they mean but I also think it's really important that mothers' voices are heard. And as mummyblogging continues to grow in power I think we will be having the last laugh!


Oh no, I'm so sorry. I hope that a break makes you feel a bit better about it all. It would be a shame if you stopped because of other people.

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