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March 18, 2010


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English Mum

Huzzah! Go Rosie! I hate those stupid offers. I had one that was offering food-based guest posts. The mind boggles!

Glad to have you back, Hun xx


I have never received one of these offers, am feeling quite left out now. Especially as I am a lazy bugger at heart.


Yee-haa! (Although I was kind of interested in condom/semi-regular sex dilemma - I'd love to know where they were going with that!).

Dulwich divorcee

Just need to ask, how do you know when you're having semi-regular sex? Does the content man tell you?


Hoorah! That is all.

Emily Vest

Great to have you back! I've had a few of these offers too, really what is the point?

Working Mum

Good to see you are in high spirits again! I get those offers as well, but I like to think of my blog like the BBC - no adverts! Shame I don't collect a licence fee though.


I do marketing for websites as a job and love hearing stories like this - when people get PR and Marketing sooo wrong. Doh!

I always thought your blog was missing an online dating section, Rosie... hrmm


Confused. Why did you turn the offer down???

Modern Dilemma

Ha ha what a bunch of plonkers they are eh? Glad you sent them packing.

MD xx

Hot Cross Mum

Don't do it! I want to read about you and your life - not condoms. Bleurgh. Glad you're over your mini blog-crisis. I think we all have one now and again.



Emily O

I've had those too, if we took them up on their offer our blogs wouldn't exactly be blogs any more would they? Bizarre the requests that come through. Well done on sticking with it, onwards and upwards and all that!


Well said! That shows how successful you are as a blogger though to have so many offers so quick! Nice one!

Glad normal service will resume :D


Hm... you've just made me even more uncomfortable with the whole direction that the blogging world seems to be going in.


I had an offer from one of those people last week and I have to say I sent them a very snarky response. The mind does boggle.

Muddling Along Mummy

Hurray ! Normal service is back ... nearly missed it too

If I Could Escape

Yeah, doing a happy dance for you!!

A Modern Mother

I'm getting those requests too. Do they really think we would accept? Strange.


How strange. I wonder how many blogs we inadvertently read that have been lured to the 'dark side' Glad you decided to stay as 'you'. :0)


I have had no such requests, I'm not sure whether to be relieved or disappointed.


Lol! That's just crazy! Surely they can't think you'd keep your readers? But I don't suppose they really care!

Jo Middleton

I feel sad now that no-one has offered to write my blog for me :-(

Not that I'd let them of course - why would people imagine for a second you'd say yes to that kind of offer??

Metropolitan Mum

Ah, finally, dating advice! I have been waiting for this moment to come for so long. And finally, here it is, only a key-click away.
Have a lovely weekend!
xx Deborah


Wow... well I'm impressed you got so many offers! Those online content people though are absolute terriers when it comes to getting stuff out there; it's like this whole seedy subculture just lurking under the surface of the web...

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