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February 26, 2010


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Oh I am up for a free DVD please!!

Karin @ Cafe Bebe

Hello lovely! Motherhood is a wonderful world but I fear that motherhood is also a bit of a crazy world. I never knew that motherhood could be do fulfilling and so exhausting. Motherhood is the best thing I have done in the world. Have I used 'motherhood' enough?? I would love one of these...don't know when I'd watch it but there you go!

Thanks sweetie...I WILL send your slankets tomorrow, by the way!
:) Karin


I really want to see this film, didn't realise it was on DVD. Did I miss it at the cinema?

I have to say it does sound a bit like my life. No, really. I guess maybe it depends on how organised you are/what you've got on and how many kids you've got as to how closely it might resemble your version of motherhood.

Sometimes I'm keen to see others struggling as it makes me feel better! Really hope I win a copy (are you sure IJ can't be bribed....?).

Deb x

Emily Vest

Put me in the hat! We're always desperate for something new to watch. UK address to be sent to too? x

Susan Mann

Sounds like an interesting watch. I can imagine it would be over the top. I would love to see it. Great post and please enter me :) xx


LOL - remind me to watch this on a good day with Little Miss...Motherhood DVD sounds good though - count me in!


Blimey, it all sounds a bit depressing to me!

Rosie Scribble

I didn't really find it a feel-good film, Barbara, it has to be said! There was a happier ending though.

Rosie Scribble

No need to worry about supplying an address yet, Emily. I'll get them from the five winners have they have been drawn out of a hat next week.


I saw another blog about this "Motherhood" dvd and would love to watch it to see the extreme version of what I'll be letting myself into in the near future! Consider me in the hat pleeeease!!


I'd like to be in the hat for a Motherhood DVD. Not a mother as yet but hoping it will happen sooner rather than later and am devouring anything I can get my hands on!

Judith's Room

I would love to see Motherhood - big Uma fan (although I take it she's not doing anything dramatic with swords in this one?)


Potential Mummy B

I'd definitely love to see Motherhood, even though it sounds like it might actually put me off the whole idea of becoming a parent (though I seriously doubt that!)... I do have a slight DVD addiction so this might be the perfect giveaway! Woo!

Judith's Room

How weird that just came up as Judith's Room - which must mean I've forgotten to sign out of typepad, oops!

Liz (www.kidstart.co.uk/livingwithkids)

Rosie Scribble

Don't worry, Liz. I'll know it's you. I'll add you to the draw.


Loved your review and your comments, Rosie. I like Uma Thurman but somehow I cannot see her as a mother! So i'd be interested in seeing how she performs in this movie. Thanks for adding me to your draw. Have a nice weekend. Ciao. Antonella


So you're gonna pick my name out of the hat and send me a copy of motherhood? Right?

Jo Beaufoix

I can just borrow yours right? ;D


Do they post overseas, do you think? Because that's where I do my motherhood.

Actually, the dvd wouldn't be compatible over here, so count me out.


Motherhood :-)



I am not a 'bot!! Yay!

I was going to write something else as I have imbibed wine but I didn't think you'd appreciate it ;-)

Mummy Matters

Motherhood is . . kisses, cuddles, playing, washing, tidying, changing, feeding, laughing, tickling, rewarding, magical, heart-warming, frustrating, frightening, being covered in sick twice in half an hour! THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!!


OOoh I've heard good things about this film - please add me to the draw x

Nadine Hill

Hey Rosie
I'd love to be in the Motherhood DVD draw. I'm UK based so they don't have to post far!
I saw an article about this movie in the Sunday Times Style last week and really wanted to see it! I can't wait to see if they portray Uma as a mummy-blogger like we are - I know how I juggle my day with blogging, kids, business and organising parties etc - will be fun to see if the cinematic experience matches my reality!
As you know, I'm a big fan of Time Management - getting things done etc!
Best wishes

becky (babybudgeting)

Motherhood motherhood
I try so hard to do what I should
I wipe away tears
cuddle away fears

But a little sit down with a chocolate biccie and Dvd sounds v nice

Please can I enter I need a rest,

Becky x

Wendy Mallins

Oooo I want to be put in your impartial drawn by a six year old Motherhood competition :-)


would love to enter your competition , sounds about like the life of all us mothers .

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