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January 11, 2010


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Cafe Bebe

You? Grumpy? Couldn't be! I expect sunshine and light from you on Thursday!

:) Karin

Metropolitan Mum

Booze, fags, head butt like? I am in. xx MM
Thanks for the link! Send all the grumpy folks to me. There are still memberships available.


Maybe they are following you to see how to be happy?

Thanks for the mention by the way. x

English Mum

Thanks for mention! And cheer up, grumpy pants xx


cheer up mrs it is raining up north


You? Grumpy? Not a patch on me! Here's a song, although the Boomtown Rats might suit you better....!



I hate Mondays too - I seem to have four weeks worth of work to complete today so why am I here... oh yes, my email has broken - probably collapsed under the pressure, which is what I'm about to do!

Thanks for the links - they'll give me something to read when I eventually get home tonight!!


I know exactly how you feel. But chin chin old chap (chappette?) or whatever you Brits say, Moanday morning is now over and terrific Tuesday is on its way. (yeah right!) At least the snow is melting...

Crystal Jigsaw

I love your list of links, thanks for some more reading. So you're a grumpy old woman are you? I never realised. But I think we are all entitled to some grumpy moments after all the bad weather we've had recently. I'm sick of it too. But I am a grumpy old woman.

Best wishes, CJ xx


Keep your pecker up we had three feet of snow a week back (I am in USA) and you couldn't even drive your car for 3 days. Luckily I live a block from a Chinese takeaway so all was not lost!!

Muddling Along Mummy

Think I'd better check those young women out - I'm definitely mainlining grumpy at the moment

lulu Campbell

I will endeavour to read them all....I wish I was good at linking - I'm rubbish it seems to take ages - also hadn't realised you are a single mum like me!! Lx

Jo Beaufoix

Ahhhh you're not that grumpy Rosie. Not like that Twitter lot. ;D Thanks for the mention my sweet. x

Karen @ If I Could Escape

Forget the grumpy bit -- I'd be focusing on the young!! Thanks for the new reads!!

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