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January 19, 2010


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Now you have me crying again. I shall always listen to that song in a different way from now on. Hugs to you too.


That is a lovely blog post and I can imagine how hard it was to write it. I don't think I could even attempt to write my favourite song. I don't think Home Insurance covers water damage from tears does it?

Tara@Sticky Fingers

Bloody hellfire Rosie. I don't know if I'll be able to listen to that song again now.
When my son was born I used to sing Elton John's Your Song "I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind, that I wrote down the words, how wonderful life is now you're in the world" and even now I get tearful when hearing it because I was so joyful at being a mother when I didn't think I ever had it in me and how the minute I saw him I regretted waiting so long. And now I'm writing this I have tears in my eyes.
Blimey, I need to stay away from your blog for my sanity's sake ...


Beautiful. Sad, but beautiful.



Sniff. Lovely post.



And I love the song, too.


*Petition to ban Rosie from doing any emotional posts from now on...*

Lovely post, lovely song, lovely memories


her words will probably be 'ger'off mum, you're embarrassing me!'

Got rather choked up there for a bit. Lovely post.

Perfectly Happy Mum

Oh no! My mascara is all smudged now! That's a beautiful song for a beautiful story x

Crystal Jigsaw

That's a lovely song and very poignant words. God Bless xx

Emily Vest

Sniff, gulp, watery eyes.

You lot are making me feel emotionally rubbish! You have such lovely, heart stoppingly, eye wateringly lovely stories behind your songs which conjure up really emotional times in your lives. My song is all about when I couldn't get a nice enough cup of coffee. Starting to worry about myself now!

Thanks for taking on the meme. x

Family Affairs

I love that song Lx

Josie @Sleep is for the Weak

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Rosie. I will always think of you and your girl now when I hear that song xx

Muddling Along Mummy

Oh Rosie that's beautiful - will be thinking of you now when I hear that song !


I love the song. What a great one to come into the world to. Whatever the future holds you will Keep holding on to each other.

Tanya (Bump2Basics)

Geez, I am 41 weeks+ pregnant, hormonal and this post did me in, sniff sniff. I also have a couple of songs that touch an emotional chord and make me well up when I hear them...this song clearly conjures an overwhelming but beautiful memory for you.

Metropolitan Mum

Now it is me who is crying !!! Xxx MM

Jo Beaufoix

Awwww Rosie. I've been avoiding this all day because I had a feeling you'd make me cry hon. BUt you know actually, you made me feel very proud. Love you loads.

Tim (aka The Dotterel)

What a post, Rosie! I don't actually know that song (don't know where I've been) but now, when I hear it, I've got a story to remember too.


Please don't petition Rosie against writing emotional blog posts, they always have such wonderful stories behind them! Eyes welling over, so apologies if start zillions of typos. I hope you do get to listen to the song together one day, I'm sure it will become a song with resonance for her too. Full on blub; I can quite see why the lyrics mean so much. I can't listen to George Harrison's Here Comes the Sun, because all I hear is 'son' - and (OK, really can't see now) being unable to believe that I finally had one because it had been a lot longer than a 'Long cold lonely winter' to get him there. Aren't we all lucky mums? Thanks again, Rosie, and gawd, now my nose is running too.

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