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January 30, 2010


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Crystal Jigsaw

It's got to be that last answer that will clench it! She sounds totally adorable.

CJ xx


14 out of 14, what a clever girl she is!


Just adorable xx

Ann Williams-Maughan

Best laugh I've had in ages. Could you interview her every week? Please

Karin @ Cafe Bebe

Love it...I do believe that Barack Obama's reputation has taken a beating! ;)

So nice to know that you're her best friend...hopefully that will continue for years to come!


Oh I think I may need to do this with the minimads, watch this space. I love it


How very cute and innocent she sounds. Just adorable. I asked my pair of poppets and they even got anatomical description of conception and birth right... OHMYGOD! I am horrified.

I must say I prefer your answers!


I am really enjoying these interviews, small children know much more than we first thought! I love her children's names as well. If only I'd thought about it in more depth before my two were born!

Zoey @ Good Goog

I love interviews with children - you get a brief insight into how their minds work.


Haha I like the raising money for toys answer, most accurate I would've thought!

mummy mania

oh, I'm so going to do this!

Selina Kingston

Oh you're her best friend! How lovely is that!
Can you just let me know what moisturiser Granny uses - she's obviously looking good!


Brilliant! I may nab your idea when my son comes home. Will make a refreshing change from the stuff I usually write. Will he be as forthcoming and funny as your daughter? Who knows but children's perceptions are often more illuminating than our own!
Oh and top marks IJ for the president being a farmer...isn't he supposed to be sowing the seeds of change....?!


Hilarious!! I might go and steal this idea as well :) My kid better say I'm his best friend, or else.


Loving these interviews - it almost makes me wish I had a toddler to interview. I SAID "ALMOST"!! I shall interview my granddaughter in a couple of years.

Jo Beaufoix

Hee hee, the 'hairy' one is my favourite. And didn't you just know she'd get bottoms in there somewhere?

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