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January 18, 2010


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You know that this is true. The children can be conned out of limitless numbers of Easter Eggs in the same way. Isn't it grand being a mummy? Pass the toffee...

Tim (aka The Dotterel)

Wow Rosie, that looks great. I was promised one of those a while back, but it's not arrived! I await with enhanced anticipation having seen yours. I've tagged you, btw. Over at my place. Are you going to play?


Wah it looks so good! I want one! ;-)


Yum Yum... sounds like you had great fun sampling the delights of the hamper. I love how kids approach things compared to us adults.. much more fun x


Lovley, my two love chocolate coins too!!


I want a hamster, I want a hamster!

Muddling Along Mummy

That looks so good

And the hamster comment has very much lifted my morning

Dulwich Divorcee

MMMMmmm, I notice we only got a very brief glimpse of all those packages before they got devoured .....yum yum

Laura (LittleStuff)

oh, how lovely! And twas our pleasure :)
Am still a bit miffed you didn't get the lovely Christmas version, which contained a beeyootiful teaset... but it made you happy, which makes us happy.
Job done.

Rosie Scribble

Laura, we have enjoyed every minute of it. And worry not because by pure coincidence IJ received a teaset for Christmas. Spooky! Thanks again!


Rose Scribble ate my hampster said Freddie Starr...

J Adamthwaite

You have a creative little person there! I particularly like the addition of the glove!

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