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January 22, 2010


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lol that is just too cute!! xxxxx

Lucy Quick

Ha! That's brilliant! A wonderfully feisty little one you've got there :)

Josie @Sleep is for the Weak

THAT is adorable. Love the relationship you have with your girl. And I love that you record all this too - when she is a grown woman you will be able to make these moments special all over again by sharing this with her!


I was all ooh and ahhing until we got to the punchline and I snorted. Brilliant!


This is lovely so funny and adorable! What a cute memory to have when she is older!

Ang (A Mum's Survival Guide)

lol bless her


Very funny, i'm sure you'll never forget that coversation.

Beki xxx

Liz (LivingwithKids)

Bless her heart. Remind her of that when she's 27!


That's wonderful! Loser! That is the best word.


I really need to be there if you ever get married, what a great picture

English Mum

Haha go IJ! I want to come to your wedding :)

Working Mum

Great come back from IJ! Really made me laugh.

I told my daughter that she would meet me in heaven when she dies (she's on a "don't want to die phase") and she said that she might not be able to find me!


Has she been watching Eastenders? Sounds like one of their weddings....

very cute.


Ha! I feel your pain. My 10 year old only wants me to have a boyfriend who has 'two dogs and a horse'. Okay then...

Tara@Sticky Fingers

She's not a teenager right? Where do they get this stuff? However cheeky and shocking and inappropriate, I have to say I do love that girl!

Chic Mama

Oooo- that sounds like a big promise to keep. Love her cheekiness, she sounds very feisty like my daughter who I am sure will be a barrister or politician. ;0)

Dulwich Divorcee

I'm so in the back of the church with a camcorder when you get married!


'I might also shout Loser.' brilliant. If you do can I come and watch?

Kim Hong

Kids do say the darndest things! :)


That is so sweet... even if she is a yob!


Just fabulous. What a sweetheart, sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I have encouraged my daughters to heckle at the end of Cinderella - I'd like them to shout "Dump the prince, he's a wimp." They won't of course.

Crystal Jigsaw

She loves you so much! Just make sure if you do ever decide to get married that you make her chief bridesmaid!!

CJ xx


Love is.....shouting loser in church...classic.

mummy mania

I wish we could all be that honest!


V sweet. One to treasure


Now there's a promise that could come back and bite you on the bum one day if ever there was one ;)


You've gotta love 'em! that's the sweetest morning conversation with a little'un I've ever heard! Much better than "When can I watch TV... when, when, when...." (repeat ad nauseum). If you get married invite me and I'll bring the some chocolate distractions for the essential moments! xx


Now that did make me chuckle.... Clearly our daughters have a link too!


she is wise beyond her years, that one, mark my words!!

I have one the same:
I'm sure he does it to keep me on my toes!!


So precious. So loved this post. I was a single Mom for 13 years. During that stretch, when my youngest was little, he would cling to me anytime a man looked my way. It was too cute. Cherish these times. They pass oh, so quickly. (never wanted to remarry...celebrating 6 years of(2nd)marriage today!)xo

A Modern Mother

That is so sweet she doesn't want to share you. Does she know about the blog?

Muddling Along Mummy

Aw how sweet - I love the loser comment


Bwahahaha - I hope you've promised to do the same at her wedding.

Jo Beaufoix

Awwwww so cute. I will feed her toffees so she can only chew and not talk.

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