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January 13, 2010


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Lax Parenting

I've always felt the same although the times I've forgotten my book and sat in a Drs waiting room reading 7 year old mags the idea of having them downloaded onto iphone sounds appealing.

I love libraries, we use ours weekly and it's always a lovely experience.

English Mum

Ooh I know exactly what you mean. Some of my older books (especially the cookery ones) are my most treasured possessions. I just can't see me ever loving a Kindle...

Still, any method of encouraging children to read is a good thing, I guess.

PS Frannie and Rick? *snort*

Liz (LivingwithKids)

I totally agree with you. In my experience reluctant readers can be encouraged to read by other film/TV/computer games. So for example, my nephew wouldn't pick up a book before seeing Harry Potter at the cinema, but then he couldn't wait for the next film so read the book. And so on.

Bit jealous you got to try it actually.

Dad Who Writes

Dudelet wasn't that reluctant about reading but it was actually books of jokes that set him off rather than tech - unusual, given the amount of gaming gear and computers littering the house. Actually, it's probably been engaging with the internet that's really encouraged him - sites like Cbeebies and CBBC.

I've read quite a few books on my iPhone which has completely removed the need for a DS type thing. There are some great free reader apps on it as well which hook up to Project Gutenberg and the like.


I got a Sony ereader for Xmas in preparation for my travels. I'm a fan of papery books but I have to say that it's really not bad. And it can hold 350 books on something smaller than a thin paperback. It's not a book, but it's almost as good.


No way, they've changed the names?! I got a cooler ereader for christmas and love it. Never thought I would, love books, the feel, the smell, the being able to drop the in the bath but this things is so small and light and fits easily in my handbag and can hold loads of books. and the best bit is reading it in bed, where i do most of my reading, i don't get that ache in my hand and arm from holding a really heavy thick book. Had to get a leather case for it though as couldn't abide the feeling of holding a piece of plastic.

Metropolitan Mum

Fanny and Dick? Am I the only one who finds that a little... ahem... peculiar? I am actually snorting my red wine. Fanny and Dick. Now, really! haha

Chic Mama

oooo- my daughter contemplated buying a 'book' for her DS but thankfully decided she would rather read a book. I must admit to reading the odd book on my iphone but I'm still a tad hesitant about children using them. The way forward I suppose but I do find it a bit sad.


Ooohhh I don't know... I want my children to share my love of the feel of a REAL book and get their heads away from the glare of technology for a while. When I read a book, I scribble notes in the margin and bend the corner of the page as a bookmark or to show one of my favourite parts. You can't do that with an e-reader or a Nintendo DS.

However, I can see the positive aspects of having these stories on the DS - I could pretend to be solving the latest Professor Layton game but really be submerged in the Land Of Take What You Want.

And they will always be "Fanny" and "Dick" to me...

Jo Beaufoix

Rosie I am so proud of us for not snorting out loud and giving it away to Miss E. And I can reassure everyone that E still loves real books, but she enjoyed the tech version too.

Trish @ Mum's Gone to

Interesting how we are coming round to the new technology. I bought my dad an e-reader for Christmas. He is now quite severely disabled (motor neurone disease) and really struggles with normal books as he has little power in his arms to hold a book open or turn pages. He managed the e-reader really well - we put it on his lap tray and he uses a pencil with a rubber tip to press the "turn over" button. It's fantastic!

Mummy Mania

I'm with you - some of my books are like my vest friends. The more worn they look the more i love them. I'm a bit frightened by all this new fangled technology - my eldest is only 4 so i haven't had to brace myself for the DS thing - but that said, I feel if it progresses their love of books, than that's cool. It's just another way for them to enjoy it. I don't think anyone will ever replace the feel of a book for good.

Selina Kingston

I'm a complete technophobe so didn't understand much of what you wrote here! But please tell me you don't really turn down the corners of pages or heaven forbid, crack the spines??!! Sorry, you'll have to excuse me, my OCD where books are concerned is kicking in and I need to find a brown paper bag to help me breathe normally again!!!

A Modern Mother

I want a Kindle and can't wait until they come out here. I love reading and I love technology.

That's good news about FLIPS.


I must admit I can't imagine liking digital books - to me, the time when I pick up my book (usually before I go to sleep) is when the computer's been switched off, the phone's recharging and everything on a screen has been put to bed for the night. Mind you, I never thought I would read newspapers online either, and I do now.

I'd forgotten Dick and Fanny......reminds me of when my Mum, a teacher, tried to read her class Swallows and Amazons. She could not continue because they all fell about laughing at 'Titty'.


I have got used to reading on my iphone, but still like a good book (can you read a kindle in the bath? I don't think so! And how would you find those stray chocolate crumbs between the pages to snack on later?)
had totally forgotten the faraway tree guys were Fanny and Dick! Awesome.

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