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January 29, 2010


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Crystal Jigsaw

You've made a jolly good job of it too!

CJ xx


Ooh, an activity sheet, I'm in!


I love activity sheets!!


Ha ha! Thanks for your honesty, I thought "wow!By a six year old!" when I saw it! The book also sounds like a fantastic one for my boy so thanks for that too!


I got this book to review too, and I read it to my reception class today at storytime! They loved it too.


Glad you had fun.

Chic Mama

The front cover sold it to me. Looks and sounds great. We love books.

Selina Kingston

Lovely colouring in - you didn't go out of the lines at all. Very impressive.

(Thank you too for your lovely, wise comment on my blog. It means a lot because I really get the feeling that you understand and that has helped a lot. I'm going to go with your advice x)

Rosie Scribble

Thanks, Selina. So pleased you found my comment helpful. I did understand, I've been in similar situations myself. It is often easier to be objective when you aren't emotionally involved.

So pleased you like my colouring. I found it quite therapeutic and would recommend kids' activity sheets to everyone!!

Muddling Along Mummy

That's a great purse (even if you did it yourself !)

Clutch Handbags

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