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December 10, 2009


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Linda Jones

Hi Rosie, thanks ever so much for your wonderful post and for your donation. I do hope people can donate and help families of children with cancer, this isn't a charity that has any budget to promote itself, and does such brilliant work. Rachael became involved after her own son was poorly but thankfully recovered. Not everyone is so lucky and I thought that Christmas time was a good time to help. It would be brilliant if people could donate, although a "target" is set at £1,000, any sum will be welcome to this charity. I have worked really hard on it so I hope people can join in. Thanks again. x


What a great job everyone is doing on this


Just writing it up now! My panto review, that is. Such a great idea of Linda's, and it looks like it's going to raise a useful amount of money. Oh yes it is, etc!

lulu Campbell

Thanks for posting - I was meant to do the same, so hope you don't mind if I borrow your type!! Thanks Lx

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