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December 05, 2009


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I think they better have a high-security pat down before anyone enters the building. Those boys don't want to get cracked in the face with a Corona bottle! By the way, who the hell makes a suit, let alone matching suits, out of space age bin liners? I fear for your town. I fear for these "boys." But really, I fear for the future of music if this is what is being produced on the tour circuit--woof!


Mummy Bear

What I cannot cope with (honestly, it stresses me) is that these 'boys' are in fact EIGHTEEN....not twelve, thirteen or fourteen, as their behaviour suggests...but EIGHTEEN. They should know better. I think they are like the Pinky and Perky of today. They'll be selling records to play at toddlers parties. Not mine, I hasten to add.


Any publicity is.............

I think they know the reaction they are likely to get. They have played to it all the time. Fans will come to their 'rescue'.

geriatric mummy

Is there any place for Jedward ?!


I am not ashames to say I have never watched the x-factor and have no idea who they are!!

Liz (LivingwithKids)

I do think - in full mummy mode now - that these boys should be protected (because they are only just 18, and that doesn't make them men - it takes A LONG time for men to mature, and I can think of at least one 35-year-old who isn't there yet); and if LW or whoever is managing has any sense they'll choose the venues a bit more carefully. Like their mammy's living room, for example, which is presumably where it all began.


I've missed out on the whole Jedward phenomenon being in the US, and have only heard about it through blogs and Twitter. I'm going to check them out on Youtube now.


Who are Jedward again?

Lucy Quick

Oh dear. Poor Jedward. I have to say I'm with SingleParentDad - it's for the publicity. Still I do worry for them...


Just looking at pictures of these two makes me feel slightly queesy, if i thought I'd have to listen to them as well I think Id start throwing things!

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