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December 02, 2009


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Baby Purse Strings

That just made me laugh out loud. Preparing for her student days very early on!!

Rosie Scribble

Heck! Your comment made me laugh even louder!


Ha ha ha, tea spit on the screen, sounds like the boys, lets just turn them inside out mum!!!

Jo Beaufoix

Snort. I love that look they get. May have to keep Miss M away though. She doesn't need to pick up any more bad habits. :D

Emily Vest

Inside out of course...

Dulwich Divorcee

Child Two did something similar ages ago - she was playing in a school concert. when it was over I congratulated her and she whispered, 'yes, it's a good job I didn't fall over because I'm not wearing any knickers!'. I thought she was soooo over that sort of thing now, then picked her up this afternoon and she confided that she was still wearing shorts from PE under her skirt - forgot to take them off! An improvement I suppose ...


ha ha ha ha ha that is so funny.

Lucy Quick

Oh that is fabulous! And so proud of herself too. Children come out with the craziest things sometimes :)


Hilarious.....I love that she was smirking.


Ewwwwww! How funny!

Karen @ If I Could Escape

That made me laugh!! Hilarious!!


Oh that is gorgeous :) :) :) thank you for a much needed smile :)

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